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Jack Daly – Sales University


Sales University: Master the Art of Sales with Proven Techniques from an Industry Titan

Unlock exponential growth and reach unprecedented sales targets with Sales University, an expertly designed curriculum by Jack Daly. As a proven entrepreneur and CEO who has built six national firms, sold two to Wall Street, and earned accolades such as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and a #10 ranking on the Inc 500 list, Jack Daly offers unrivaled insights into mastering sales in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape.

What’s In It for You?

Sales University is designed for Entrepreneurs & CEOs, sales managers, and sales professionals looking to up their game. The curriculum equips you with actionable tools and in-depth knowledge to:

  1. Expand your business sales

  2. Elevate the quality and quantity of your sales team

  3. Cultivate a high-performance culture attracting top-tier talent

Curriculum Highlights

Course 1: Sales RX: Sales Systems & Process Checklist

Learn four high-payoff systems and tools that differentiate you from the competition. Jack offers actionable techniques to stay effective and time-efficient.

Course 2: Turning Goals into Sales

Master time management with six crucial keys and systemize your activities to scale new, existing, and referral businesses.

Course 3: Selling to Different Personality Styles

Learn to identify and engage with various buyer personalities, 

thereby increasing your effectiveness across all customer interactions.

Course 4: Winning the Mental Game

This course reveals the secrets of effective time management, performance elevation, and the psychology behind successful sales calls.

Course 5: Beating Call Reluctance & Gatekeeping

Jack arms you with preparation techniques and strategies to overcome gatekeepers, ensuring you get your foot in the door.

Course 6: Creating a Competitive Advantage

Learn how to set yourself apart by creating compelling “why” statements that make you irresistible to prospective clients.

Course 1: Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

Drawing on 30 years of experience, Jack teaches key lessons that help you avoid common mistakes and achieve profitable growth.

Course 2: Sales Management Essentials

Master the art of sales leadership by setting and tracking goals, holding productive meetings, and motivating your team effectively.

Course 3: Recruiting Top Sales Performers

Learn how to find and hire top sales talent, driving top-line and bottom-line profits.

Course 4: Effective Sales Meetings

Discover how to make your sales meetings engaging and productive, providing real ROI for your organization.

  • Curriculum 3 – Culture

Course 1: Creating a Winning Culture

Find out how to cultivate a dynamic culture that drives exceptional team performance, motivation, and accountability.

Course 2: Compensation, Recognition, & Rewards

Jack shares the keys to creating motivating and profitable compensation plans aligning with the salesperson’s and the organization’s goals.

Course 3: High-Profit Sales Contests

Learn the nitty-gritty of creating profitable sales contests that excite your sales team and drive remarkable business growth.

Why Enroll in Sales University?

  • Expert-Led: Lessons come directly from a seasoned industry veteran.

  • Comprehensive: A complete toolkit, from sales techniques to team management.

  • Value for Money: Accelerate your learning curve and skip costly mistakes.

  • Lifetime Access: No expiration on top-notch sales wisdom.

Take your sales skills to a league of their own with Sales University. Enroll now and catalyze your journey to unparalleled success.