You will receive a Mega link into your email or it will be visible at your account under orders (Products For Sale).

You will see the link at the bottom of each product page (Membership Products).

Then you can copy the content to your own Mega account to watch or download it later (best option).

After your payment, I will manually process it.

Yes, definitely ! It is even better !
Please, watch this youtube video:

Of course, same link, there will be a new folder called “UPDATE”, which contains only new files.

Check our blog or read our emails with new updates we send regularly.

No, we do not use recurring billing at all. You pay only if you want to.

You can pay with Credit/debit card or Paypal.

We do not have any refund policy, you are here for a reason, so you know what to do. Just download the courses !

Yes ! After copying the content to your own cloud (previous question), you can watch the videos (and read the documents) online directly from your cloud storage.