Abbey Ashley – Savvy System

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Abbey Ashley – Savvy System

Abbey Ashley - Savvy System

Introducing Abbey Ashley’s ‘Savvy System’: The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business

Dreaming of a work-from-home lifestyle, having time under control, and building your own successful business? Abbey Ashley’s Savvy System is your stairway to that dream. 

This meticulously structured course serves as a blueprint for launching your profitable Virtual Assistant (VA) business from scratch.

Module 1: Setting the Foundation:

Embark on this exciting journey with Abbey as she shares her experiences and introduces the proven blueprint for launching your own VA business. Understand the expectations, learn the industry-specific terminologies, and gain access to the valuable VA Template Vault.

Module 2: Discover Your Unique Skillset:

The journey to becoming a successful VA begins with identifying your unique skills. Abbey guides you to unravel your hidden potential and commercial craft services. Learn the pros and cons of niche services and step into a positive mindset to unlock your full potential.

Module 3: Pricing and Packages:

Dive deep into the strategies behind pricing and packaging your services. Understand various pricing structures, from hourly rates to retainers, and find the best fit for your business.

Module 4: Branding Academy:

Create a compelling brand identity that resonates with your business vision. Explore color theory, logo creation, and personality, forming a solid and recognizable brand for your VA venture.

Module 5: Processes and Assets:

Discover the power of systemization in your business processes. Streamline your operations, create a professional portfolio, and implement an effective client onboarding system.

Module 6: Payments, Invoicing, and Taxes:

Make bookkeeping a breeze and comprehend the optimal process for invoicing clients and receiving payments. Abbey unravels the mysteries behind paying taxes as an independent contractor.

Module 7: Legalities:

Protect your business by understanding your legal rights as a VA. Get guidance on contracts, negotiations, and legal requirements, ensuring your venture operates smoothly within the legal framework.

Module 8: Marketing 101:

Overcome the hurdle of landing your first client and learn how to face their questions confidently. This module guarantees to end with you bagging your first paying client.

Module 9: The Ultimate Marketing Plan:

Learn how to find quality clients fast and effectively. This module gives you an arsenal of marketing strategies, from personal outreach templates to mastering LinkedIn and leveraging job search sites.

Module 10: Web Development 101:

Create a website that does the work for you. This module provides a comprehensive rundown on designing a website without needing a professional web designer.

Module 11: The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

Conquer the challenges and enjoy the freedom of the VA lifestyle. Learn how to manage time, handle demanding clients, transition to full-time, and even plan vacations as a VA.

Module 12: Raising Your Prices:

Master the art of pricing your services competitively. With the knowledge acquired from the SavvySystem, confidently demand what you’re worth and grow your business beyond the course.

Module 13: Building a Team:

When you’re ready to scale your VA business, this module provides everything you need to make your first hire and establish systems for ultimate productivity.

Module 14: What’s Next?:

Explore the various paths for scaling your business, whether through list building, an agency model, or a high-end service model.

Bonus Resources:

In addition to the core modules, Abbey provides a wealth of bonus resources. From a toolbox and mock portfolio template to marketing strategies for introverts, LinkedIn training, a website setup guide, a proposal writing masterclass, and a discovery call demo, Savvy System leaves no stone unturned.

Embark on this transformative journey to launch your dream VA business with Abbey Ashley’s Savvy System today!”