Chase Dimond – Ecommerce Email Marketing

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Chase Dimond – Ecommerce Email Marketing


Welcome to the comprehensive Ecommerce Email Marketing course by Chase Dimond. Get ready to unleash the potential of your email marketing strategies and achieve remarkable revenue growth.

Course Overview:

In this course, I’m excited to share my expertise gained from three years of successfully growing a 7-figure email marketing agency. Together, we’ll explore the best-kept secrets and proven strategies that can amplify your email revenue by 2x, 5x, or even 10x.

Module 1: Introduction to Email Marketing

  • Discover the power of email marketing and its impact on revenue growth.
  • Understand why email marketing is a must for both Ecommerce brands and agencies.

Module 2: Setting the Foundation with Klaviyo

  • Learn the essentials of Klaviyo account setup and integration.
  • Distinguish between campaigns and flows to tailor your strategies effectively.

Module 3: Effective Email Collection Techniques

  • Explore three distinct types of signup forms for optimal email collection.
  • Build primary and high-converting email collection forms, including A/B testing insights.

Module 4: Mastering Core Email Flows

  • Dive into 11 comprehensive flows that cover the entire customer journey.
  • Create personalized welcome series, pre-purchase flows, post-purchase thank you flows, and more.

Module 5: Crafting Impactful Email Campaigns

  • Craft powerful campaigns such as best sellers, free products with purchase, and referral programs.
  • Gain access to 12 diverse campaign templates to drive engagement and conversions.

Module 6: Strategic List Segmentation

  • Learn year-round and Black Friday/Cyber Monday-specific list segmentation strategies.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of targeted email campaigns by tailoring content to different segments.

Module 7: Advanced Practices and Expert Tips

  • Master A/B testing techniques for both campaigns and flows.
  • Optimize flow timing delays to enhance customer engagement.
  • Enrich customer data for personalized and impactful email marketing.

Module 8: Over the Shoulder Look

  • Join me for an immersive over-the-shoulder view of the course content.
  • Gain practical insights into applying the strategies discussed in real-world scenarios.

Benefits of Enrolling:

1 .Unlock Insider Secrets: Access the strategies that propelled my 7-figure email marketing agency to success.

2 .Scale Your Business: Whether you’re a brand owner or consultant, harness the potential of email marketing to grow your business.

3 .Stay Ahead of the Curve: Leverage industry insights to outpace competitors in the growing field of email marketing.

4 .Increase Customer Retention: Develop systems to retain hard-earned customers, fostering long-term loyalty.

5 .Proven Success Stories: Hear inspiring stories of individuals who transformed their businesses and lives through effective email marketing.

6 .Hands-On Learning: With 49 in-depth video lessons, you’ll gain practical knowledge to implement immediately.

Take advantage of this opportunity to propel your Ecommerce brand or agency to new heights. 

Join me in the Ecommerce Email Marketing course and discover strategies to skyrocket your revenue. Enroll now and seize the future of email marketing success!