Doug Cunnington – Multi Profit Site

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Doug Cunnington – Multi Profit Site



What You Get Inside Multi Profit Site course:


8 Core Units
4 Advanced Units

1: Big Picture Overview

  • Ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and the business model
    Niche markets and their value
  • Expectations regarding time, effort, costs, and profit
  • Determine your objectives so that you can achieve them.

2: Choosing a Niche

  • Techniques for brainstorming, so you don’t get stuck
  • Keyword research encompassing four types of keywords
  • You should target two of the four types.
  • Over-the-shoulder demos of the Golden Ratio
  • Using tool-generated KW Difficulty Scores

3: Competition Analysis

  • SEO Competitor Analysis Tools
  • The competition analysis thought process and flow that employ.
  • Competition analysis sheet in action.
  • Identifying communities and markets.
  • Checklists and Templates (Brainstorming Worksheet, Competition Analysis Worksheet)

4: Setting Up the Site

  • Required pages so you’ll get accepted into most programs
  • Recommended WP themes
  • Recommended WP plugins and why I use as few plugins as I can
  • Checking Site Speed and Tips
  • Templates and Checklists (Speed Checklist, Required Pages Checklist)

5: Content (and Launching)

  • How much content to launch, including “The Content Myth” and why do you need less than you think
  • What kind of content and how to format
  • A little bit about Agile Project Management and why it can change the way you do nearly everything
  • What should informational content look like
  • Where to get images
  • Silos, Clusters, Categories, and Site Architecture
  • Templates and Checklists (Perfect Product Review Template, Informational Content Template, Site Architecture Template, On-page SEO Checklist)

6: Monetizing

  • Applying for Affiliate Programs
  • Why you should look for digital products with affiliate programs
  • Signing up with Display Ad Networks
  • Adding affiliate Links
  • Approaching Companies that don’t have public-facing affiliate programs

7: Promotion and Link Building

  • Overall objectives and an overview
  • Profiles Social
  • Where should links be directed – primarily to the homepage with branded anchor text?
  • Building relationships, then asking for guest posts
  • Podcast portrayals and YouTube videos for traffic and links
  • Checklists and templates (Social Profile Checklist, Relationship Building Worksheet & Process)

8: Scaling

  • Either sell more or increase traffic, preferably both.
  • Increase conversions
  • Include more content.
  • Checklists and templates (Conversion Checklist, Geotargeting calculator)

9: Outsourcing Content with Scaling in Mind

  • Advanced/Premium
  • Where can I locate writers?
  • Why are trial gigs necessary?
  • Template and sample job posting
  • Screen proposals to avoid wasting time.
  • Style Guidelines to Establish Expectations
  • Creative briefs to allow writers to concentrate on writing
  • Do you require a Content Manager and Editor who can format, draft, and work in WordPress?
  • Project Management of Content
  • Checklists and Templates (Job description template, Google Sheets Content PM template, Trello Content PM template, Style guideline Template, Content Manager Jobaide)

10: What to do if you are stuck

  • Advanced/Premium
  • Analysis of Gaps (qualitative and quantitative assessment)
  • Improve existing content, create new content, or obtain more links

11: A practical guide to email list building

  • Advanced/Premium
  • When to build an email list and when not to.
  • Why some experts are WRONG when they tell you to keep an email list at all times.
  • How to get people to sign up for your email list willingly using two tried-and-true techniques that I’ve used to build email lists with over 10,000 subscribers.
  • Tools to help you build your list are usually free.
  • What to send your autoresponder subscribers.
  • Using Broadcast emails, you can DRIVE traffic whenever you want.

12: How to sell a site – Two 6 Figure Case Studies

  • Advanced/Premium
  • When you should and should not consider selling your website.
  • How to calculate the worth of your website.
  • What you should do months in advance before selling your website.
  • What you can do to expedite the sales process?
  • When it is preferable to sell through business broker and when it is not.