Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales

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Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales

Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales



Master the art of sales with Eli Wilde’s NLP for Sales course! Unlock the secrets to understanding human behavior, skyrocket your conversions, and become a leader in your field. Learn the proven framework and advanced techniques to adapt to any situation and achieve remarkable results.

Course Modules and Benefits:

Master the Proven Framework Discover the flow that connects with the most resourceful state and immediately improve your close rate percentage. 

Learn how to understand your prospects’ mindset and connect more deeply.

Advanced Framing & Personality Techniques Gain insights into tools that you can quickly apply to every type of human. Adapt to any personality, communicate effectively, and build trust with your prospects.

Triple or More Your Conversions Elevate your sales process by positioning yourself as a leader and authority. Command and demand respect while connecting deeply with your audience. Watch your conversions soar.

Understand Human Behavior This course is perfect for those who want to comprehend human behavior, regardless of their current skill level. Whether aiming for your first 10k month or 8 figures in an hour, this course is designed for you.

Course Highlights:

  • Build a Superior Interior: Learn how to use Interiority to establish a stronger frame that instantly earns your prospects’ respect.
  • Access Core Emotional Drivers: Uncover the emotional triggers of everyone you seek to influence and communicate more effectively.
  • Dismantle Buying Resistance: Break down the belief structures that create buying resistance in your prospects and overcome obstacles.
  • Harness the Power of Language: Discover how to use stories, tonality, and postures as tools of influence and master advanced NLP language techniques.
  • Shift Identities: Learn how to shift identities in your business to show up as a powerful leader and influencer.
  • Elicit Values and Needs: Understand your prospects’ values and needs, and present your offer in their language for better results.
  • Master 16 NLP Frames: Get a comprehensive breakdown of 16 NLP Frames and learn how to use them to create a buyer for your offer.
  • Prevent and Handle Objections: Learn how to prevent and address the most common objections in sales, ensuring smoother transactions.
  • Uncover Hidden Desires: Delve into your prospect’s hidden desires and use this knowledge to make your offer irresistible.

Transform your sales approach with Eli Wilde’s NLP for Sales course. Develop a deep understanding of human behavior, master advanced techniques, and watch your conversion rates triple or more.

 Take charge of your success and enroll now to unlock the secrets of effective sales and communication.