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Keith Krance – Facebook Ads University



Introducing the Facebook Ads University: Your Gateway to Unleashing High-Quality Leads and Sales on Demand!

Are you ready to transform your business by tapping into the immense potential of Facebook advertising?

Look no further. As the driving force behind countless successful campaigns, Keith Krance brings you the ultimate guide to mastering the art of Facebook marketing. With over $170,000 monthly in real-life tests across 25 diverse industries, Keith unveils the secrets that will catapult your business to new heights.

Course Modules:

1. Facebook Business Page Set Up: Lay the foundation for your success with a perfectly optimized Facebook business page that engages and converts visitors into customers.

2. Different Types of Ads: Navigate the diverse landscape of ad formats, from image to video, carousel to slideshow, and unleash their potential to captivate your audience.

3. Ad Objectives: Discover how to align your objectives with Facebook’s ad goals, ensuring each campaign serves a specific purpose that yields tangible results.

4. 9-Step Facebook Campaign Blueprint: Unlock a proven blueprint that guides you through crafting impactful campaigns, from audience targeting to ad creation and optimization.

5. 10+ Checklists and Resource Guides: Access a treasure trove of checklists and resources that streamline your workflow and guarantee you never miss a crucial step.

6. Live Monthly Webinars: Stay at the forefront of Facebook advertising with monthly webinars that provide updates, advanced training, and live Q&A sessions.

7. Easy to Implement Split-Testing: Master the art of split-testing to optimize your campaigns, driving efficiency and uncovering the strategies that yield the best results.

8. Power Editor Beginner and Advanced Training: Demystify the complexities of Power Editor with beginner and advanced training sessions that make you a proficient Facebook advertiser.

9. Optimizing Your Campaigns: Fine-tune your campaigns with expert insights into optimization strategies that maximize your return on investment.

10. Advanced Optimization with Qwaya: Harness the power of Qwaya to take your optimization skills to the next level, achieving unparalleled success.

11. How To Get News Media Attention with Facebook Ads: Uncover the secrets to leveraging Facebook ads for news media attention, expanding your reach and influence.

12. Conversion Tracking: Master the art of tracking conversions to measure the impact of your campaigns and refine your approach.

13. Favorite Tools and Resources: Discover the tools and resources Keith Krance personally relies on to elevate his campaigns and stay ahead in the game.

14. Agency Bidding Strategies: If you’re managing campaigns for others, learn the insider strategies to secure the best results for your clients.

15. Tracking and Measuring Guide: Demystify tracking and measurement with a comprehensive guide to assessing your campaigns’ effectiveness.

16. Hack the Facebook Newsfeed: Unlock the secrets to commanding attention within the Facebook newsfeed, the primary battleground for audience engagement.

17. Custom Audiences: Leverage custom audiences to engage past customers, retarget prospects, and amplify your conversions.

18. Ads Manager Overview: Navigate the Ads Manager interface quickly and efficiently, understanding its functionalities comprehensively.

19. Ad Creative that Works: Craft compelling ad creatives that resonate with your audience, driving engagement and enticing action.

20. Ad Copy and Landing Page Copy that Works: Master the art of persuasive ad copy and landing page content that compels users to take action.

21. How to Sell on Facebook: Unleash the potential of Facebook as a selling platform, turning engaged users into loyal customers.


Course Benefits:

Comprehensive Expertise: Gain access to Facebook advertising strategies honed through $5 million in tests across diverse industries.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Follow a structured learning path that takes you from novice to expert in Facebook marketing.

Real-Life Insights: Benefit from Keith Krance’s first-hand experience and insights, ensuring practical applicability.

Continuous Learning: Engage with monthly webinars that provide updated strategies, advanced training, and direct Q&A sessions.

Proven Results: Witness Keith’s track record of delivering measurable success, evidenced by over $170,000 in monthly spending.

Exclusive Resources: Utilize checklists, guides, and curated resources to enhance your campaign efficiency.

Optimization Mastery: Learn how to optimize campaigns effectively, making data-driven decisions for maximum impact.

Ready to revolutionize your business with a flood of high-quality leads and sales? Enrol in the Facebook Ads University and become a master of Facebook marketing. Unleash your business’s potential today!