Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy

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Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy

Incrementum Digital – Amazon Advertising Academy



Unveil the secrets of successful Amazon advertising with Incrementum Digital’s Amazon Advertising Academy. This in-depth course is a complete walkthrough of Amazon advertising, from understanding the basics to executing advanced strategies.

Begin your journey with Module 1, which provides an essential introduction to Amazon advertising. 

Get acquainted with the platform’s unique features and discover its many opportunities.

In Module 2, you’ll delve into Sponsored Products, a key component of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem. Learn how to use these ads to boost product visibility and sales strategically.

Module 3 takes you on a keyword and competitor product research tour using a Keyword Research Macro Enabled Template. This knowledge is crucial in crafting campaigns that outshine your competition.

Next, Module 4 will guide you in setting up your foundational Sponsored Products campaigns. These campaigns are the building blocks of your advertising success, and we’ll show you how to get them right.

Once your campaigns are up and running, it’s time to optimize. Module 5 equips you with effective bid optimization strategies, helping you maximize returns on your ad spend.

Then, dive into the world of Sponsored Products Reports in Module 6. You’ll gain the skills to analyze these reports, continually harnessing valuable insights to refine your campaigns.

Module 7 thoroughly explains how to use Bulksheets, an essential tool in the Amazon advertising toolkit.

Modules 8 and 9 address specific scenarios: managing Sponsored Products with advertising history and devising a PPC ranking strategy for new products.

In the following modules, you’ll explore two other types of Amazon ads. Discover the power of Sponsored Brands Ads in Module 10 and Sponsored Display Ads in Module 11, learning how to leverage them for greater brand visibility and reach.

Module 12, a bonus module, will provide advanced reports and tools like the PTD and SUPA Template to track your product performance and analyze search queries effectively. Plus, enjoy a comprehensive walkthrough on using Pivot Tables.

Finally, broaden your horizon with Module 13‘s introduction to DSP and exploration of practical Google Sheets functions for Amazon marketers.

The Amazon Advertising Academy is an investment in your future, arming you with the knowledge and skills to conquer Amazon’s advertising landscape. Take a step towards success with us.