John Pocorobba – Earnings Reaction Gaps Workshop

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John Pocorobba – Earnings Reaction Gaps Workshop


Earnings Reaction Gaps Workshop – Unlocking Strategies for Successful Trading


Welcome to the Earnings Reaction Gaps Workshop, an immersive learning experience meticulously crafted to impart unparalleled insights into the intricate realm of Earnings Reaction (ERx) Gaps. This workshop is a well-rounded educational journey tailored to elucidate the diverse aspects of ERx Gaps, guiding traders in leveraging earnings surprises for success in bullish and bearish markets.

Course Insights:

This comprehensive workshop delineates the crucial elements of ERx Gaps and presents coherent strategies, offering over seven hours of insightful instruction led by esteemed presenters John Pocorobba and Jason Thompson. Participants will gain access to an extensive Research Study Workshop PDF, rich with data tables, graphic summaries, key insights, and annotated chart examples.


Course Modules:

  • Understanding ERx Gaps:
    • Delve into the four types of ERx Gaps and understand how earnings surprises can impact a Gap’s success or failure.
  • Candlestick Combinations & Entries:
    • Learn optimal entry strategies using various candlestick combinations and understand the fundamentals behind swing trading gaps post-gap.
  • Analyzing Fundamentals:
    • Decipher which fundamentals are pivotal for trading success and which are not quintessential, enabling strategic trading decisions.
  • Fibonacci Levels & Implied Option Volatility:
    • Master proprietary Fibonacci levels on a gap to set realistic expectations and targets and comprehend the application of implied options volatility on holes.
  • Advanced Buying Strategies:
    • Explore advanced strategies for day, swing, or position traders, including after-hours and pre-market buying strategies, tailoring your approach to suit your trading style.
  • ERx Gaps in Bear Markets:
    • Acquire proficiency in buying ERx Gaps even during bear markets, ensuring trading efficacy irrespective of market conditions.


Benefits for Students:

  • Comprehensive Learning Material:
    • Access a 300-page research study workshop PDF with substantive content, including data tables, graphic summaries, and over 80 annotated chart examples.
  • Expert Instruction:
    • Benefit from over seven hours of instruction by industry experts John Pocorobba and Jason Thompson, providing nuanced insights and strategies.
  • Post-Workshop Access:
    • Enjoy the privilege of accessing the recordings post-workshop, allowing for a revisit of the learned material for better comprehension and reinforcement.
  • Practical Insights:
    • Engage with real-world examples and practical insights, fostering an understanding that is deep and applicable in real trading scenarios.


Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is an invaluable resource for traders—day, swing, or position traders—seeking to deepen their understanding of ERx Gaps and master strategies that can be applied in diverse market conditions. Whether you are a novice exploring the basics or an experienced trader aiming to refine your system, this workshop is your gateway to enhanced trading acumen.


The Earnings Reaction Gaps Workshop is a revolutionary learning experience designed to empower traders with the knowledge and strategies essential for navigating the complexities of ERx Gaps. 

This extensive workshop combines theoretical knowledge with practical insights, led by industry veterans, ensuring participants are well-equipped to leverage earning surprises for trading success. Enroll now and elevate your trading strategies, gaining the competence to make informed and profitable trading decisions in any market condition!

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