Michael Merlino – CTR Geeks Course

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Michael Merlino – CTR Geeks Course



Introducing the Michael Merlino – CTR Geeks Course, an in-depth 8-week program designed to help you master the art of click-through rate (CTR) manipulation and boost your website’s ranking in organic search results and Google My Business (GMB) listings. By leveraging the power of CTR, you can become the top entity in your niche and drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Week 1: Get a solid understanding of CTR and learn why manipulating click-through rates is crucial for your online success.

Week 2: Focus on branded traffic and learn how to become your niche’s leading entity or brand.

Week 3: Discover where to send traffic and the reasons behind those choices.

Week 4: Learn how to manipulate CTR using various tools and techniques.

Week 5: Boost your GMB rankings with effective CTR manipulation strategies.

Week 6: Elevate your organic search rankings using CTR manipulation tactics.

Week 7: Explore advanced tricks, hacks, and strategies for optimizing your CTR manipulation efforts.

Week 8: Recap and review everything you’ve learned while addressing any lingering questions.


Each live session will include 30-40 minutes of training material, followed by 20-30 minutes of Q&A, ensuring all your queries are addressed. The course starts on Wednesday, April 20th, on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and available to course participants.

Upon completing the CTR Geeks Course, you’ll receive a polished set of videos, including all Q&A sessions.

This comprehensive package will later be sold at a higher price ($999), but you can take advantage of the current lower pricing.

Enroll in the Michael Merlino – CTR Geeks Course today to unlock the potential of CTR manipulation and skyrocket your website’s rankings in organic search results and GMB listings.


Take advantage of this opportunity to dominate your niche and drive more targeted traffic to your site.