Paige Brunton – Square Secrets Business Bundle

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Paige Brunton – Square Secrets Business Bundle

Paige Brunton – Square Secrets Business Bundle




Presenting the “Paige Brunton – Square Secrets Business Bundle,” a comprehensive course designed to transform your web designing aspirations into a successful, thriving business. This immersive and interactive program offers over 12 hours of video lessons spread across 8 modules, geared to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to create beautifully designed and high-converting websites on Squarespace.

MODULE 1: Client Conversion Formula

Starting with a solid foundation is crucial for success. This module focuses on understanding your website’s ideal clients and sets you on a trajectory for long-term success in converting visitors into loyal customers.

MODULE 2: Template Picking Blueprint

Eliminate the confusion of selecting the perfect template with our proven blueprint. We expose the common mistakes made by 95% of users and guide you to make the right choice the first time.

MODULE 3: Content Gathering Guide

A website’s appeal significantly lies in its visual content. Learn what makes a site look professionally designed and leverage our page-by-page content planners to match impactful words with compelling visuals.

MODULE 4: Design Best Practices

Avoid DIY-dead giveaways and design a beautiful, clear, and easy-to-navigate website. We provide plenty of examples via our private Pinterest account, serving as a rich resource for your design journey.

MODULE 5: Squarespace for Beginners

Dive into the world of Squarespace with this hands-on module. We cover all Squarespace features, including site styles, blocks, navigation, pop-ups, blogging, premium features, and more, so you never have to wonder, “How do I do that?”

MODULE 6: Squarespace Secrets + Bonus E-Commerce

This module spills the secret sauce to your site design. Learn how to create standout graphics, integrate your site with 3rd party systems, add fun script fonts, and hack Squarespace blocks to overcome design challenges.

MODULE 7: SEO Basics

Demystify the SEO world and understand why the statement, “Squarespace sucks for SEO,” is a myth. Learn how to link your Google Analytics, outpace your competition, and set up your site for impressive organic reach.

MODULE 8: Launch Prep

As you near the finish line, this module ensures your site is mobile-friendly, your social accounts are connected, and you know how to deliver your “opt-in freebie”. Use our launch checklist, link up your domain, and get ready to share your new site with the world!

Bonus Content

The course includes:

  • A bonus intro module.
  • Bonus e-commerce training.
  • 175+ example sites.
  • Three additional trainings.
  • Monthly live Q+A calls.

The “Paige Brunton – Square Secrets Business Bundle” is more than a course. It’s a complete toolkit for your journey toward becoming a successful web designer and entrepreneur on Squarespace.