Shawna Newman – YouTube for Niche Sites

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Shawna Newman – YouTube for Niche Sites



YouTube for Niche Sites Learn How To Make Your Site More Valuable, Stronger In The SERPs, And Attract More Traffic And Revenue
I resisted doing YouTube for my portfolio of niche and content sites for a long time.

I foolishly thought:

It will take too much time
I don’t want to be on camera
I won’t be able to make good videos
It won’t really help my site
It won’t really bring in more traffic
It won’t really work as a new revenue stream
It’s just not worth the time or effort
Sound familiar?

Well, I’m happy to report that I was 100% wrong with those assumptions.

You probably are too.

YouTube may not produce good results in all niches, but it will in the vast majority.

Creating A YouTube Channel To Scale Your Niche Site is a course based on my experience creating YouTube channels for sites in my portfolio.


✅ – No more frustrations when YouTube videos take your site’s rankings

✅ – No more relying only on Google search traffic to your site

✅ – No more wishing you had more traffic, more revenue, or a more valuable site


I’m sharing the exact methods I’ve been using to create successful YouTube channels for some of my own sites.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

And I’ve tested it in multiple niches.

Like you, I don’t want to sink a lot of money or time into a YouTube channel.

Here’s the thing – I haven’t done either of those things and I’ve been able to make it a success.


❌ – No complicated video editing software is needed

❌ – No need to appear on camera in your videos

❌ – No expensive gear is required to create the videos


Despite having yet to experience video editing or sound production, I found success on YouTube with my niche sites.

Sure, I had some setbacks along the way, mostly with videos that needed to be more appropriate for the YouTube audience.

But now that I’ve nailed it, this course is essentially a blueprint so you won’t have those setbacks.

This course is about using YouTube to scale your site and build a moat, not just YouTube itself.

I walk you through my entire process of creating and growing a YouTube channel for your niche or content site.

Stay caught up as other sites in your niche begin to use video.

Let me assist you if you’re ready to start working on your moat with a branded YouTube channel for your site.

What You Get on YouTube for Niche Sites:

Getting Started
What You’re Going To Need
Picking A Niche & Naming Your Channel
Creating The YouTube Channel
Your First Videos
Creating A Content Strategy
Planning Your Videos
Video Ideation & Structure Deep Dive
Video Production Basics
Editing, Uploading, & Publishing Videos
Growing The Channel & Monetization
Getting Subscribers and Views
Intro To YouTube Analytics
Making Money + An Overview of My Process
TubeBuddy Chrome Extension
New Channel Case Study
Tools, Example Channels & More