Beast Analytics – Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4

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Beast Analytics – Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4




Get to Know (& Use the Sh+t Out of) GA4: Unleash the Power of Google Analytics 4

Welcome to the ultimate GA4 journey! Get ready to dive deep into Google Analytics 4 and harness its full potential. From foundational setup to advanced leverage, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to master GA4 like a pro.

Course Modules:

1. Getting Started with Google Analytics 4 Let’s start by setting up your property and stream. Lay the foundation of GA4 with internal traffic filters, cross-domain tracking, and data retention. Plus, discover how to turn off auto-migration for a personalized GA4 experience.

2. Creating and Passing Events Learn about Enhanced Measurement and identify the events you should track. Master event creation in GA4, like tracking email clicks, and explore using Tag Manager for newsletter signups. Modifying events will become a breeze with the tools we provide.

3. Platform Overview – Primary Navigation Understand the differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics and explore the new GA4 navigation. Navigate through the Home, Insights, and Advertising sections to get the most out of GA4.

4. The Reports – Secondary Navigation (Post-Jun 2023 Setup) Discover the revamped secondary navigation post-May 2023 setup. Build your Reports Library for easy access. Explore various sections, including Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, Retention, User & Tech Reports, and more.

5. Reporting on Enhanced Measurement Dimensions Unlock the power of Enhanced Measurement Dimensions, including search terms, links, videos, files, and more. Learn how to interact with GA4 effectively reports to gain valuable insights.

6. Advanced Leverage of GA4 Take your GA4 expertise to the next level with advanced techniques. Get started with BigQuery and leverage Looker Studio for data analysis. Integrate Google Ads reports, use Audience Builder, and bring Search Console data into GA4.

7. Uses of Explore Maximize GA4’s potential by creating custom funnels and user flows. Delve into User Explorer for an in-depth analysis of user behavior.

Ready to become a GA4 wizard? Enroll now and unlock the full capabilities of Google Analytics 4. Empower your data-driven decisions and take your analytics game to new heights!