Bob Diamond – The Overages Blueprint 2019

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Bob Diamond – The Overages Blueprint 2019


Unveiling The Overages Blueprint 2019: Your Gateway to the Lucrative World of Real Estate Overage Funds

Real estate remains one of the most dynamic sectors to dive into, and with “The Overages Blueprint 2019”, you’re not just entering real estate. Still, you’re stepping into a niche with potential: real estate overage funds. Here’s your chance to tap into a realm where you can amass substantial 5-figure paychecks in mere weeks, bypassing the typical complexities of real estate like making offers or handling property.

Course Highlights:

1 .21-Day Quick Start Guide: Begin your journey with a strategic guide to set you on the right path. You’ll grasp the essentials within three weeks, positioning yourself for long-term success.

2 .Comprehensive Training Modules: Dive deep with 12 meticulously curated training modules. Accompanied by insightful videos, each module is a step towards mastering the art of real estate overages.

3 .Interactive Learning: You’re not just learning; you’re engaging. The course offers opportunities to ask questions, ensuring all your uncertainties are addressed.

4 .Geo-Strategic Insights: Not all states are created equal, especially in the world of overages. This course guides you through the most lucrative states, maximizing your efforts and returns.

5 .Communication Tools: Navigate conversations confidently. Whether it’s a call or a written communication, with our tested telephone scripts and letter/document templates, you’ll always have the upper hand.

Key Benefits for Enrollees:

1 .Versatile Learning: Age or real estate exposure isn’t a barrier. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned, “The Overages Blueprint 2019” is tailored for all, ensuring everyone grasps the core concepts.

2 .Global Reach: The beauty of this course and the business model it teaches is its borderless nature. Whether in the US or Australia, the strategies remain applicable since all operations are conducted via phone, mail, and digital platforms.

3 .Ethical Earnings: Step into the ‘Robin Hood’ niche of real estate. While you’re earning, you’re also aiding individuals who’ve faced foreclosure by rightfully channeling funds owed to them by the government.

Who Is This Course For?

For anyone keen on diversifying their income sources or seeking an introduction to a unique real estate niche, “The Overages Blueprint 2019” is the perfect fit. Suppose you’re intrigued by combining profit with purpose and wish to understand the intricate processes of real estate overage funds. In that case, this course will serve as your comprehensive guide.


Overage funds represent an opportunity often overlooked by many in the vast landscape of real estate. With “The Overages Blueprint 2019”, you’re gaining an edge in this niche, equipped with knowledge, tools, and strategies to reap the rewards. Dive in, and let the journey of lucrative and ethical earnings begin.