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Brian Rose – Wealth Academy



Wealth Academy: Unlock Your Path to Financial Freedom and Generational Wealth

Have you ever felt stuck in a financial rut, unable to break free from a life that seems to be holding you back? Welcome to Wealth Academy, the ultimate course designed to transform your relationship with money and elevate you to a life of abundance and financial freedom. Let’s delve into the course modules and what this game-changing program offers you.


Module 1: Recognize the Trap, Admit You Live in the Matrix, and Plan Your Escape Now

  • Understand the Reality You’ve Been Sold: Learn to challenge societal norms and question the financial Reality thrust upon you.
  • Recognize the Money Trap You’re In: Identify the financial limitations holding you back.
  • Plan Your Escape Now: Craft an actionable escape plan to break free from financial constraints and reach a new realm of financial freedom.


Module 2: The Mindset of Money – How to Start Attracting it Now

  • Money is Only Energy: Explore the concept that money is simply an energy exchange and learn how to make it flow freely in your life.
  • Kickstart Your Money Affirmations: Boost your financial mindset with powerful affirmations.
  • Remove Mental Blockages and Create Your Vision Board: Use techniques from experts like Kiyosaki, Ronda Byrne, and Joe Dispenza to visualize your wealth journey.


Module 3: Poor People Work for Money. Rich People Make Money Work for Them

  • Be Creative, Not Competitive: Learn strategies to help you stand out and soar in any business environment.
  • How to Magnify Your Business Revenues: Maximizing income streams to enhance your financial profile.
  • Passive Income Opportunities: Get tips on launching your side hustle or scaling your existing business.
  • In the meantime, How to Get the Promotion: While your passive income builds, learn strategies to climb the corporate ladder more efficiently.


Module 4: How to Slash Your Expenses – You Need a Budget! (YNAB)

  • Get Real About What You Spend: Transparency about your spending habits will lead you to success.
  • Track Every Single Monthly Expenditure: Use budgeting tools to track and assess your spending.
  • Remove Unnecessary Expenditures: Cut costs that don’t contribute to your financial goals.
  • Assess and Eliminate Debt: Strategies for tackling debt and building a three-month “emergency fund” buffer.


Module 5: How to Master Investing – Learn the Language of Finance

  • Do I Buy Stocks, Bonds, or Commodities?: A beginner’s guide to financial market investments.
  • Real Estate – Home Ownership & More: Tap into the lucrative real estate market.
  • Early Stage Investing and Cryptocurrencies: Dive into cutting-edge financial opportunities like startup investing and digital currencies.


Module 6: Just F*cking Do It – Take Action & Create Your Winning Future Now

  • Fortune Favors The Brave: Develop a daring attitude towards your finances.
  • 10x Your Income: Strategies to drastically increase your earning potential.
  • Plan Your Winning Year: Year-long planning strategies to ensure sustained growth.
  • Remove Negative Forces and Stay Focused: Keep your eye on the prize by eliminating distractions and staying committed.


Bonus Module: Wealth Secrets from the Rich & Famous

Learn from financial titans like Dan Pena, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jim Rickards to accelerate your journey to wealth.

Why Choose Wealth Academy?

  • Expertly Curated Modules: Benefit from a wealth of knowledge covering all aspects of personal finance.
  • Flexible Learning Environment: Study at your own pace from anywhere worldwide.
  • Ongoing Support: Our support team and community are always on hand to guide you.


Are you ready to transform your financial destiny? Enrol in Wealth Academy today and pave your way to generational wealth!