Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle

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Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle



Badass Black Friday Bundle: Mastering Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Course: Black Friday Bootcamp

Section 1:

  • BFCM Foundations: Grasping the holiday season’s e-commerce significance.
  • Promo Calendar Mastery: Strategizing with a promotional calendar.
  • Email Timing: Scheduling emails for prime engagement.
  • Standing Out: Designing campaigns that capture attention amidst inbox clutter.

Course: Make It Rain Monthly BFCM/Q4 Planning Call

Section 2:

  • Planning for Success: Tailoring your brand for BFCM excellence.
  • Email Critique & Enhancement: Real-time student email evaluations.
  • Constructing the Perfect Sequence: Delving into the art of email campaign creation.

Course: Make It Rain Monthly Issue – The Black Friday / Cyber Monday MEGA Issue Part 1

Section 3:

  • The November Kick-off: Initiating your holiday email campaigns.
  • The Quick Calendar Plan: Rapid planning for months of promotions.
  • Beyond Discounts: Pioneering sales strategies.
  • Case Study Breakdown: Examining a high-performing BFCM email series.

Course: Make It Rain Monthly Issue – The Black Friday / Cyber Monday MEGA Issue Part 2

Section 4:

  • The Magic Box Method: Reigniting your creative spark.
  • Team Building Essentials: Cultivating a successful team environment.
  • Strategies for High-End Products: Tempting luxury market clientele.
  • The AC Email Promotion: Amplifying sales via targeted communication.
  • Campaign Adaption: Modify your campaign for various celebrations.

Course: Make It Rain Monthly Issue – The Black Friday / Cyber Monday Gameplan

Section 5:

  • The SMS Advantage: Venturing into SMS for augmented conversions.
  • Thanksgiving Magic: Engaging subscribers without overwhelming them.
  • Tackling Modern Challenges: Adjusting strategies for iOS transitions.
  • Crafting Compelling Copy: Authoring head-turning content and titles.
  • The Ultimate BFCM Gameplan: Exhaustive holiday strategies for success.

Course: Holiday Sale Super Sequence

Section 6:

  • The Power of Sequencing: Recognizing the potency of strategic email sequences.
  • Template Treasure Trove: Utilizing ready-to-use email templates.
  • Quick-Start Guide: Implementation video for rapid commencement.
  • Secret Strategies: Privileged bonus content for optimal sales yield.

Embark on the “Badass Black Friday Bundle” journey, providing a progressive approach to acing BFCM sales. 

From the basics to nuanced techniques, this all-encompassing course bundle ensures readiness for the holiday.