Christian Mickelsen – Client Getting Virtual Events

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Christian Mickelsen – Client Getting Virtual Events


Client Getting Virtual Events Course: Attract Top-Tier Clients with Proven Strategies

Are you a coach ready to boost your reach and captivate high-paying clients? Whether you’re starting fresh or aiming to upscale your existing clientele, our comprehensive course, “Client Getting Virtual Events,” is tailored for you. Delve into our expert modules to unlock the secrets of creating magnetizing virtual events, sure to expand your professional horizon.

Course Breakdown:

1. Finding Your Dynamic Duo: Audience & Topic

  • Avoid common pitfalls: Picking incompatible audience-topic combinations can leave your virtual events barren. We guide you to target voracious audiences eager for your offerings.
  • Harness topics that sizzle: Glean insights from years of our experience and choose subjects that make your event the talk of the town.

2. Crafting a Sizzling Event Title

  • Title that tantalizes: Your event’s title can be a game-changer. Discover our tried-and-true formula to coin names that resonate and magnetize potential clients.
  • Exclusive workshops: Participate in live sessions, ensuring your event title stands out and entices the right crowd.

3. Master the Art of Event Filling

  • Dive into seven proven strategies: Guarantee a packed house by leveraging our result-driven techniques.
  • Affiliate marketing prowess: Unveil how to make others your event ambassadors, promoting and vouching for your offerings.

4. Lead Your Event Like a Pro

  • Curate captivating content: Grasp how to segment your event to deliver optimum value without oversaturating or underwhelming.
  • Event dynamics: Implement our tips to maintain high energy levels, ensuring participants remain engrossed and eager for more.

5. Monetize Your Event to the Maximum

  • The golden touch: Virtual events can be goldmines. Learn to craft irresistible high-end offers, optimize prices and deliverables, and pitch with finesse during the event.
  • Filling your schedule: Guarantee you always have takers for your programs, masterclasses, and more.

6. Building an Invincible Mindset

  • Overcome the jitters: Hosting a virtual event can be daunting. We empower you to overcome fears, doubts, and hurdles, ensuring you radiate confidence.
  • Unleash your potential: With newfound courage, you’ll be prepared for a single event and eager to conduct many more, amplifying your business’s growth.


  • Expert Insights: Stand on the shoulders of giants. Why start from scratch when you can leverage our successes?
  • Hands-On Workshops: Don’t just learn; apply. Get live feedback, ensuring your preparedness.
  • Expand Reach: By hosting successful virtual events, attract the clients you’ve always dreamt of.
  • Monetization Strategies: Elevate your earning potential through high-end offers and optimized pitches.
  • Empowerment: Break free from self-imposed shackles and enthusiastically embrace the world of virtual events.


Join us on this transformative journey. Upscale your coaching business by mastering the art and science of “Client Getting Virtual Events” today!