David Mills, Mike Long – Clockwork Machine

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David Mills, Mike Long – Clockwork Machine



Introducing Clockwork Machine: Transform Your Digital Strategy & Boost Sales

Dive into an innovative course designed for entrepreneurs and marketers aiming to maximize their online potential. The Clockwork Machine is tailored to simplify complex strategies, ensuring your online success.



1. The Foundations:

  • Kickstart your sales within 24 hours.
  • Uncover the “3 Pillars” that discern successful marketers from the rest.
  • Embrace the ultimate digital asset crucial for growth.
  • Equip yourself with productivity techniques for enhanced conversions.

2. Sales Copy & Messaging Mastery:

  • Learn copywriting essentials vital for online dominance.
  • Craft high-converting ad copies effortlessly.
  • Benefit from personally curated, high-converting sales page examples.
  • Master Facebook profile sales without a dedicated website.

3. Funnel Excellence:

  • Obtain access to high-performing market funnels.
  • Recognize elements that make a funnel lucrative.
  • The exclusive reveal of hybrid funnels for groundbreaking results.

4. Content Marketing Brilliance:

  • Repurpose your Facebook profile for optimal monetization.
  • Strategize posts for maximum engagement.
  • Learn to capture passionate Facebook buyers and nurture them.
  • Gain insights on crafting high-profit organic Facebook posts.
  • Discover the secrets behind creating captivating visuals.

5. Traffic Genesis:

  • Harness Google’s power for lead generation.
  • Navigate media buying for fresh, quality traffic.
  • Leverage Solo Ads and Bing Campaigns for enhanced reach.
  • Decipher Facebook Ads for optimal returns.

6. Sales Mastery: Delve deeper into driving leads through Google, mastering media buying, optimizing Bing campaigns, and utilizing Solo Ads effectively. Master the art of Facebook Ads for a tremendous sales surge.

7. The Ultimate Branding Blueprint: Craft a distinctive brand identity to stand out. Utilize Google lead generation, capitalize on the latest media buying strategies, optimize Bing campaigns, and harness Solo Ads. Plus, get proficient with Facebook Ads to boost your brand’s visibility.

8. Digital Product Creation: Discover the roadmap to conceptualize, design, and launch your digital product. You’re covered from leveraging Google for leads to mastering media buying, from Bing campaign setups to Solo Ad strategies, and from crafting to launching Facebook Ads.



Benefit from weekly live coaching sessions focusing on product creation, lead acquisition, and the most contemporary traffic generation strategies.


Unlock the powerful Messenger Sales Script, a proven tool that has been instrumental in sealing deals worth $250,000+ on Facebook Messenger. Once sold at a premium price, this tried-and-tested script is now yours – free.

Whether a novice or a seasoned professional, the Clockwork Machine ensures you get ahead in the digital game. Dive in, harness unparalleled strategies, and witness a transformation in your online journey.