David Siteman Garland – Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed

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David Siteman Garland – Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin Weed 


Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed: A Comprehensive Workshop to Supercharge Your Email Marketing Strategy


Do you want to invest money and energy into strategies that don’t grow your email list? Look no further! “Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed” is a one-of-a-kind workshop designed to teach you proven, step-by-step strategies to significantly expand your mailing list with thousands of targeted leads—without breaking the bank on advertisements.

We cover everything from crafting irresistible lead magnets to leveraging Amazon and top-tier blogs in this jam-packed workshop. Nick, your course instructor, will guide you through real-world strategies that have garnered him hundreds to thousands of customers per month.

Course Modules

Module 1: Master the Art of Lead Magnets and Landing Pages

  • Learn how to construct a lead magnet that instantly grabs attention.

  • Discover the top 3 mistakes most people make when creating a lead magnet—and how to avoid them.

  • Get access to six examples of opt-in pages that have sky-high conversion rates.

Module 2: Leverage Amazon to Grow Your List

  • How to harness Amazon’s traffic to boost your subscriber numbers.

  • Understand how to establish yourself as an authority figure without writing a book from scratch.

  • Learn to break into your market niche seamlessly.

Module 3: Guest Blogging and Niche Authority

  • Get the low-down on how to get featured on popular blogs within your niche.

  • Understand why ‘just writing a blog’ won’t cut it—and what to do instead.

  • Learn to connect with industry influencers without coming off as pushy.

Module 4: Utilize Giveaways for Explosive Growth

  • Acquire actionable insights from Nick’s experience in gaining 16,000 new subscribers through giveaways.

  • Learn the top 3 pitfalls to avoid when using giveaways to build your list.

  • Find out which software can optimize your giveaway results.

Module 5: Generate Buzz Through Private Facebook Groups

  • Learn how to effectively use private Facebook groups to heighten engagement and prepare your audience for upcoming launches.

Module 6: Unveiling the Power of Facebook Ads

  • Gain the skills to target your ads with incredible precision.

  • Understand metrics and ROI tracking.

  • Acquire a tried-and-tested Facebook ad campaign strategy that guarantees results.

Bonus Content

Instant Bonus: The Ultimate Video Guide to Lead Magnets & Landing Pages

Get instant access to a video guide with tips and tricks on creating perfect lead magnets and landing pages.

Cheat Sheet

Your one-stop shop for each module’s action steps and recommended tools.

Anatomy of a Landing Page

Visual guides detailing what makes an effective landing page, complete with annotations.

Pitch Worksheet

A comprehensive guide on effectively pitching to big names within your niche.

Benefits for Students

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from someone who has been there, done that, and succeeded spectacularly.

  • Real-World Strategies: Practical and actionable steps you can implement immediately.

  • Network Building: Learn how to engage with top names in your industry for mutual growth.

  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the course whenever you want and keep up to date with any added content.

  • Money-Back Guarantee: Need more? Get your money back, no questions asked.

If you’re serious about skyrocketing your email list and revamping your email marketing strategy, this workshop is your golden ticket. Sign up today and take the first step towards mastering the art of email list building!