Eddie Shleyner – Transformational Landing Pages

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Eddie Shleyner – Transformational Landing Pages


Transformational Landing Pages Course: Master the Art of Persuasive Copywriting

Course Overview: Welcome to the Transformational Landing Pages course, where you’ll discover the secrets of creating powerful and persuasive landing pages that drive conversions. This comprehensive program consists of 9 modules, each packed with valuable lessons and practical exercises to transform your copywriting skills. 

Learn from industry experts and gain insights into crafting landing pages that captivate audiences and skyrocket your business.

Course Modules:

Module 1: “WELCOME” (5 Lessons)

  • Expect clear, concise lessons.
  • Learn by example through over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos.
  • Explore the principles of “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins.
  • Create your landing page by the end of the module.

Module 2: “LANDING PAGES” (7 Lessons)

  • Study the techniques of copywriting great Eugene Schwartz.
  • Test different elements to achieve transformational results.
  • Master the keys to clarity, desire, credibility, and call-to-action.

Module 3: “ACHIEVING CLARITY” (16 Lessons)

  • Conduct audience research to understand your target audience better.
  • Define personas and conduct personal interviews for valuable insights.
  • Learn how to implement the “Hero” divider to engage and convert.

Module 4: “INTERMISSION #1” (1 Lesson)

  • Take a short break to refresh and recharge.

Module 5: “INTENSIFYING DESIRE” (38 Lessons)

  • Discover the power of fascinations and how they captivate audiences.
  • Apply nine writing rules to create irresistible fascinations.
  • Follow a 3-step process to craft compelling fascinations.

Module 6: “INTERMISSION #2” (1 Lesson)

  • Take another short break to relax and rejuvenate.

Module 7: “EARNING CREDIBILITY” (9 Lessons)

  • Establish confidence signals to build trust with your audience.
  • Learn the art of crafting impactful testimonials and creating a testimonial campaign.

Module 8: “COMPELLING ACTION” (5 Lessons)

  • Implement the “Why now?” strategy to drive immediate action.
  • Explore reasons and urgency to prompt conversions.

Module 9: “TESTING” (4 Lessons)

  • Understand the significance of big and small tests in optimizing landing pages.
  • Unleash the power of testing to refine and improve your pages.

Benefits for Students:

  1. Masterful Copywriting Skills: Develop persuasive copywriting techniques to craft transformational landing pages.
  2. Practical Learning: Learn through real-life examples and over-the-shoulder walkthroughs.
  3. Confidence in Audience Understanding: Conduct thorough audience research and define buyer personas for targeted messaging.
  4. Compelling Storytelling: Use fascination and captivating techniques to intensify audience desire.
  5. Effective Testing Strategies: Implement testing to optimize landing pages and drive conversions continuously.

Transform your copywriting prowess with Transformational Landing Pages. Enroll now and unlock the power of persuasive storytelling for your business success.