Esther M. Inman – 90 DAY VA

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Esther M. Inman – 90 DAY VA






Discover the power of being a virtual assistant with the ‘Esther M. Inman – 90 DAY VA’ course

This comprehensive program will take you through 11 essential modules to empower you with the skills you need to thrive in a virtual assistant career.

Starting with ‘Module 1: Getting Started Right,’ this course focuses on planning your training, creating an impactful portfolio, and launching your VA journey. You’ll learn how to structure your study schedule for maximum efficiency and achieve a bang-on start in the virtual assistance world.

Module 2: Launch Your Skills TODAY’ is designed to teach you immediately marketable skills, including email and calendar management. You’ll learn how to effectively manage these tasks and prove your worth to potential employers from the get-go.

Content repurposing skills are highly sought after by business owners.

 In Module 3: Content Repurpose Like a BOSS’ and ‘Module 4: Repurpose -> BLOGS,’ you’ll learn how to transform content into different formats, including impactful blog posts. These skills will help you maximize productivity and value for your clients.

Social media management skills are in high demand, and the course covers this aspect comprehensively in ‘Module 5: Social Media Superstar’ and ‘Module 6: Instagram & TikTok.’ You’ll learn the foundations of social platforms, content scheduling, and transforming content into captivating captions and multimedia posts.

Module 7: Get Paid to Pin!’ introduces you to Pinterest management. Taught by Team VAI’s Pinterest Manager, Alexis, this module will enable you to create and manage visually appealing pins for businesses.

Dive into the world of podcasts with ‘Module 8: Podcast Assistant.’ Led by COO Deya Aliaga, this module covers the A-Z of podcast management, providing you with skills to offer exclusive podcast services to businesses.

Module 9: Video Editing & YouTube’ adds content creation and management to your skills. Again, taught by COO Deya Aliaga, you’ll learn video editing, caption creation, YouTube uploads, and more, making you an invaluable asset to any business owner.

Module 10: Email Newsletter Writing & Scheduling’ will make you an expert email marketer. You’ll learn to repurpose content into newsletters, schedule them appropriately, and ensure they reach the right audience.

Finally, in collaboration with WordPress Educator Julia Taylor, ‘Module 11: WordPress Maintenance arms you with essential WordPress admin tasks. You’ll be ready to post blogs, maintain websites, and handle other WordPress duties.

With ‘Esther M. Inman – 90 DAY VA,’ you’ll have the flexibility and financial freedom of a virtual assistant equipped with a toolbox full of marketable skills. Don’t wait; start your journey today and redefine your career path.