Film Booth – Thumbnail University

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Film Booth – Thumbnail University

Film Booth - Thumbnail University


Introducing “Film Booth – Thumbnail University,” an intensive course that comprehensively understands YouTube thumbnail creation. This course delivers the essentials to increase click-through rates, attract viewers, and grow your YouTube channel. 

Thumbnail University prepares you for the dynamic world of content creation with in-depth modules, detailed walkthroughs, and practical tips.

The course is designed in two stages, starting with mastering the basics and then propelling you from good to great.

Stage 1: Master the Basics

Module 1 – Strategy: Learn the secrets behind what makes people click on videos. Acquire eight powerful thumbnail strategies, and learn how to discover high-view items to include in your images, forming an effective thumbnail strategy.

Module 2 – Design Basics: Familiarize yourself with the common mistakes in thumbnail design and learn the basics to make your thumbnails more enticing.

Module 3 – Photography Basics: Learn how to use your camera effectively to produce high-quality images. Gain insights on positioning people and items in photos, understanding aspect ratio, and the necessary equipment to elevate your image quality.

Module 4 – Lighting: Get acquainted with different lighting styles and learn when and how to use them to emulate world-class YouTubers.

Module 5 – Photoshop Basics: Through 14 detailed Photoshop tutorials, you will master the basics, laying the groundwork for the more advanced walkthroughs in the following modules.

Stage 2: Go From Good To Great

This stage consists of a series of walkthrough videos in which we dissect and remake top YouTuber thumbnails. You’ll learn to recreate their styles, camera setup, and lighting arrangement and gain Photoshop skills that improve your thumbnail quality.

Module 6 – Master Clean Thumbnails: Learn how to recreate a top YouTuber’s clean thumbnail style, combine photos and props, and acquire Photoshop tips and tricks.

Module 7 – Master Colourful Images: Dive into the vibrant world of colourful thumbnails, mastering pro lighting techniques and Photoshop hacks.

Module 8 – Master Products & Items: Discover how to create captivating product & item-based thumbnails, utilizing coloured light and slick image grading techniques.

Module 9 – Master Cinematic Thumbnails: Understand how to create slick cinematic images with professional lighting and set dressing. Enhance your Photoshop skills to finesse your thumbnails.

Module 10 – Master EPIC Thumbnails: This module tackles one of the most eye-catching viral thumbnails on the planet with advanced lighting tricks and Photoshop skills.

Module 11 – Time Saving: Learn how to streamline your production process and design your brand style.

Film Booth’s Thumbnail University is your ultimate guide to mastering YouTube thumbnail creation. Its comprehensive, step-by-step modules equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a standout content creator. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your YouTube game. Enroll today!