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Gretta Van Riel – Start & Scale 2.0


Start & Scale 2.0: Unleash Your E-commerce Success

Are you ready to break free from trading time for money and generate substantial income for you and your family? Welcome to Start & Scale 2.0, the ultimate step-by-step online course with a private mastermind guiding you through the entire e-commerce journey from idea conception to product launch.

Why Choose Start & Scale 2.0?

1 .Accurate Action Plans – Get Started Fast: No fluff, no confusion. Our course provides clear and concise instructions broken down into actionable chunks, making it easy to follow and implement.

2 .Proven Results: Unlike other courses created by mere “educators,” Gretta Van Riel, the mastermind behind Start & Scale 2.0, has built four multiple 7-figure e-commerce brands from scratch with $0 in venture capital. Her success speaks volumes.

3 .Find the Perfect Niche: Discover the art of assessing industry gaps with real-life examples, even in competitive markets, all without a substantial following.

4 .Accountability & Encouragement: Access our high-level Facebook group for unwavering support, timely advice, and moral encouragement to keep you focused and moving forward.

Your Job is Safe:

Dispelling the myth that you must leave your job to venture into e-commerce, Gretta’s journey proves otherwise. She launched Skinny Me Tea while working full-time and witnessed incredible success within hours of its launch. You can keep your financial security intact while exploring the world of e-commerce.

E-commerce: A Path to Success

1 .E-commerce is Growing: With a staggering 23% year-over-year growth and projected sales of over $4 trillion by 2020, e-commerce is an unstoppable force.

2 .Profit Margins Galore: Lower overheads translate to higher profits and competitive prices for your customers. No need to worry about expensive store rentals or staff overheads.

3 .Mobile Dominance: As everything shifts towards mobile, online shopping has become a lifestyle. Embrace this trend and reach a wider audience.

Your Journey with Start & Scale 2.0:

1 .Step-by-Step Video Modules: Access six modules comprising over 30 action-oriented videos by Gretta and the Foundr team. Each lesson has a worksheet and actionable steps to keep you moving forward.

2 .Accountability & Support: Join our exclusive Facebook group for timely advice and unwavering support. Forge lifelong connections with like-minded individuals.

3 .Copy & Paste Templates: Save time with ready-to-use email templates that are customizable from Gretta’s successful online stores to suit your business needs.

4 .Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Whether on your tablet, mobile, or laptop, access the course online, even without Wi-Fi. Download the content directly to your device for added convenience.

5 .Lifetime Access: The course is yours for life, ensuring you can review and revisit it whenever needed without feeling overwhelmed.

Are You Ready to Soar?

Join Start & Scale 2.0 today and embark on an e-commerce journey. With Gretta’s expertise and a supportive community, unleash your potential and achieve e-commerce success.