Heath Wilcock – Madvertorials

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Heath Wilcock – Madvertorials



Take your advertising writing skills to the next level with Heath Wilcock’s Madvertorials course. This intensive program offers 7+ hours of unfiltered insights from Heath himself, guiding you through his unique process of creating impactful advertorials that win clients and drive results.

In the Madvertorials course, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to write, structure, and wire-frame advertorials. Heath’s step-by-step approach ensures you learn not just the theoretical aspects of crafting compelling advertorials, but also the practical skills necessary to deliver high-quality work to your clients. And once you master these skills, your clients will be eager for more.

One of the major highlights of this course is its value-added bonuses. The first free bonus provides guidance on how to attract and retain clients who require advertorials. Heath reveals his personal strategies for pitching advertorials to clients, a vital skill that can lead to increased work opportunities and revenue growth.

The second bonus features a ‘Write with me!’ session, where you’ll witness Heath crafting an advertorial from scratch in real-time. Over the course of just 2.5 hours, you’ll gain an insider’s view into his creative process, giving you a concrete example of how to apply the techniques learned in the course.

Next, the third bonus dives into the world of e-commerce sales pages. Here, Heath demonstrates how to write, structure, and wire-frame these pages, a skill that perfectly complements advertorial writing and further enhances your copywriting toolkit.

Finally, the course provides an invaluable resource of 50 advertorial swipes. This collection spans multiple niches, from lead generation and e-commerce to finance and listicles, offering a rich source of inspiration that you can download, keep forever, and refer to whenever you need.

With Heath Wilcock’s Madvertorials course, you’re not just getting a simple training program. You’re investing in a complete package that delivers in-depth knowledge, practical skills, insider secrets, and a wealth of resources. Whether you’re a budding copywriter or a seasoned professional, this course will equip you with the tools to excel in the field of advertorial writing.