Holly Starks – Google News Creation and Approval Training

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Holly Starks – Google News Creation and Approval Training



Google News Creation and Approval Training: Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Google News Sites

Unlock the potential of Google News Sites for your business or personal brand with this all-encompassing course. Led by industry expert Holly, the Google News Creation and Approval Training offers a step-by-step guide to creating, approving, and leveraging Google News Sites for digital marketing success.

Course Modules:

  • Google News Sites Creation and Approval

Master the A to Z of Google News Site setup and approval with Holly’s expert guidance. Learn the unique approval requirements of Google and how to meet them.

  • Mass Pages with Google News Sites

Discover how to effectively set up and benefit from mass pages on Google News Sites, a lesser-known yet powerful feature for boosting online presence.

  • Four Zoom Follow-up Calls

Benefit from four Zoom sessions with Holly to ensure everyone is on track with their Google News Sites. Get your queries resolved in real time.

  • Live Demonstration on Launch Day

Watch Holly create six Google News Sites live and apply for Google approval on the spot, offering invaluable insights into scaling your efforts efficiently.

  • Money-Making Ideas

Explore ways to monetize your Google News Sites for various business models, turning them into revenue-generating platforms.

  • Indexing Essentials

Understand the best practices for properly indexing your Google News Sites, ensuring they are easily discoverable and reach a wider audience.

  • Iframes and Advanced Techniques

Master the utilization of Iframes and other advanced features to augment the functionality and visibility of your Google News Sites.

  • Google News Sites for GMB and YouTube

Learn how to extend the utility of your Google News Sites to Google My Business (GMB) and YouTube, or even to client sites, for an integrated online strategy.

Benefits for Students:

  • Expert-Led Training

Gain knowledge from Holly, who has years of hands-on experience and a proven track record.

  • Time-Saving Templates

Use Holly’s exclusive templates to speed up the creation and approval of the Google News Site.

  • Interactive Learning

With four follow-up Zoom calls, enjoy an interactive learning experience that ensures you’re on the right path.

  • Real-Time Learning

Witness live demonstrations that provide actionable insights into creating and approving Google News Sites rapidly.

  • Actionable Insights

Implement actionable tips and money-making ideas to realize tangible benefits from your Google News Sites.

  • Versatile Skills

Acquire skills beyond Google News Sites, allowing you to capitalize on GMB and YouTube for a unified online strategy.

  • Lifetime Access

Get ongoing access to all course materials, ensuring you remain updated with the latest best practices.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Enroll risk-free with our money-back guarantee, cementing this course’s value.

Take advantage of this opportunity to become a Google News Sites expert. Enroll in the Google News Creation and Approval Training course today!