ICT Charters 2020

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ICT Charters 2020


Product Description:

Welcome to ICT Charters 2020, a meticulously structured course designed to transform your understanding of trading, focusing on robust and comprehensive Price Action Models. This course is a beacon for those aspiring to delve deep into the world of trading, enabling them to understand and master the nuances of price action, a critical component in the trading realm.

Course Overview:

ICT Charters 2020 unfolds the realms of trading through seven extensive Price Action Models, each a gem in unraveling the mysteries of market movements. These models serve as the backbone of trading strategies, helping traders at all levels to make informed and strategic decisions in real-time market scenarios.

Course Modules:

1Price Action Model 1:

    • Overview: Sets the foundation stone, introducing the basic principles and concepts of price action trading.

    • Benefits: Establishes a solid understanding, allowing advanced learning in subsequent models.

2 .Price Action Model 2:

    • Overview: Builds on the foundational knowledge, focusing on intermediate principles and techniques of price action.

    • Benefits: Enhances trading understanding and helps develop intermediate-level trading strategies.

3 .Price Action Model 3:

    • Overview: A dive into advanced methodologies and strategies to interpret and capitalize on market movements.

    • Benefits: Equips participants with advanced strategies for increased market success.

4 .Price Action Model 4:

    • Overview: Focused learning on intricate market patterns, trend analysis, and high-probability setups.

    • Benefits: Sharpens analytical skills and enables identification of profitable trading opportunities.

5 .Price Action Model 5:

    • Overview: In-depth study on volatility analysis and its implications on price action trading.

    • Benefits: Improves risk management and decision-making during high-volatility market conditions.

6 .Price Action Model 6:

    • Overview: Comprehensive learning on the impact of market psychology in price action trading.

    • Benefits: Enhances understanding of market behavior and aids in developing psychologically informed strategies.

7 .Price Action Model 7:

    • Overview: Masterclass combining learned strategies, techniques, and principles for holistic trading approaches.

    • Benefits: Facilitates the development of comprehensive and adaptive trading strategies suitable for various market conditions.

Benefits for Students:

  • Holistic Learning: Gain a well-rounded understanding of price action trading, from basics to advanced strategies.

  • Practical Insight: Apply learned concepts in real time, gaining practical experience and insight into market dynamics.

  • Adaptive Strategies: Develop trading strategies that are adaptive and versatile, suitable for varying market conditions.

  • Risk Management: Learn the art of managing risks efficiently, which is crucial for long-term success in trading.

  • Continuous Support: Access resources and support to clarify doubts and enhance learning.


Learning Outcomes:

By the culmination of ICT Charters 2020, participants will be proficient in interpreting and leveraging price action, equipped with adaptive strategies, analytical skills, and a profound understanding of market mechanics, enabling them to navigate the trading world with confidence and precision.

Who Should Enroll?

ICT Charters 2020 is a gateway for aspiring traders, financial analysts, trading enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about mastering the art of price action trading. Whether you are a beginner embarking on your trading journey or a seasoned trader looking to refine your strategies, this course is tailored to enrich your trading repertoire.

Why Choose ICT Charters 2020?

Choosing ICT Charters 2020 is choosing to step into a world of comprehensive learning and practical insights. This course is meticulously crafted to ensure every participant emerges with a profound understanding of price action trading and is well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the financial markets with strategic insight.


A profound understanding of price action is pivotal in the volatile trading landscape. ICT Charters 2020 is a meticulous guide, illuminating the path to trading mastery through comprehensive learning modules, practical insights, and continuous support. Enroll now to commence your journey to become a seasoned trader with a nuanced understanding of market movements and strategies.

Unlock the Secrets of Trading:

ICT Charters 2020 is not just a course; it’s an exploration into the deep seas of trading, where every wave is a learning curve, and every tide is a new opportunity. Uncover the secrets, learn the strategies, and become the trader you aspire to be.