Jason Fladlien – Product eClass 5.0

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Jason Fladlien – Product eClass 5.0



Introducing Product eClass 5.0: Unlock Your Path to 5-Figure Info Products and Rapid Success!

Are you ready to take your online business to new heights? Product eClass 5.0 is the ultimate training program that will transform you into a savvy info product creator, enabling you to earn a substantial income with minimal effort. 

Let’s dive into the incredible modules and benefits this course offers:

Module 1: 5 Figure Info Products

Discover the secrets to finding specific problems and crafting one-sitting solutions. Learn the instant gratification hack to command presence and profits in any market. Uncover profit puddles in various niches, allowing you to win big with small, focused targets. 

Plus, explore hidden audiences willing to pay for your info products, even imperfect ones.

Module 2: The 3rd Party Profit Model

Become a marketing expert by extracting real value from subject matter experts and marketing their expertise. Understand the relationship between being good and getting paid. Learn the six-step process to turn someone else’s knowledge into a product with a win-win for everyone involved.

Module 3: Backend Profits

Maximize profits without relying solely on new customers. Discover the three ways to grow your business and the “sharp right turn” after selling your first info product to achieve true, avalanche-like profits. Identify and cater to the one type of information buyer who’s worth 212 times the average customer.

Module 4: Traffic Deep Dive

Turn traffic generation into a breeze by following our approach. Learn why the best traffic isn’t for sale and how to obtain it immediately. Discover the top-earning Product eClass clients’ traffic hack that multiplies your investment hundreds of times. Get high-quality, untapped traffic that even seasoned digital marketers should use.

Module 5: High Ticket Products

Tap into the 20% of customers who spend 80% of the money in any niche. Spot and cater to customers willing to invest significantly more in your products. Learn to please top spenders with products that require less time and effort to create, resulting in double the profit in half the time.

Module 6: The Webinar Method

Master the art of webinars to achieve seven-figure success in less than 12 months. Transform low-ticket products into powerful webinars that out-convert and out-value competitors. Gain insights from over 250 million dollars in webinar sales, including free software tips that simplify the process.

Module 7: Bigger Traffic, Bigger Profits

Scale up your profits exponentially by increasing traffic quantity. Demystify paid advertising and identify the 17 universal patterns that guarantee immediate profits and momentum. Explore overlooked places teeming with buyers to ensure continuous growth and customer satisfaction.


Receive exclusive bonuses to accelerate your success:

  • Bonus #1: 101 Killer Product Topics – A list of guaranteed winner product ideas for quick sales.
  • Bonus #2: AI Product Creation Secrets – Maximize profits with AI and proven formulas.
  • Bonus #3: Marketing Software Secrets – Simplify tech setup and run your business seamlessly.
  • Bonus #4: The Rapid Crush Templates – Proven templates for sales letters, bullet points, and more.
  • Bonus #5: Grow Your Audience – Learn a step-by-step system to grow a loyal and profitable audience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Product eClass 5.0 and become a master info product creator. Start your journey to rapid success today!