Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint

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Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint

Jerry Jenkins - Nonfiction Blueprint



Introducing “Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint“, a comprehensive course structured into four pivotal parts to guide you from laying a solid foundation for your nonfiction writing to eventually crafting a captivating manuscript.

Part I: Laying the Foundation:

Embark on your writing journey by overcoming typical nonfiction writers’ hurdles like fear of failure and not knowing where to start. Discover how to set up a consistent writing schedule, identify your unique writing voice, create clear outlines, avoid sounding preachy, and leverage the classic structure that transformed Jerry’s career. You will also master the art of storytelling, learn to apply fiction techniques to bring your nonfiction to life, and navigate the route to marketing your book effectively.

Part II: Beginning the Writing:

Take a deep dive into the first page of your book – often the make-or-break point for many writers. Learn Jenkins’ secret to a compelling opener, his methods to create a killer first page, and the intricacies of self-editing. Witness hands-on revision training to refine your manuscript, giving it the needed edge.

Part III: Establishing a Writing Routine:

Establish a sustainable writing routine that carries you through the writing process smoothly. Jenkins shares five methods to raise the stakes and craft high-energy scenes, key techniques to captivate your readers, and the importance of telling the hard truth in biographical writing.

Part IV: Finishing Well:

As you navigate through the challenging ‘Marathon of the Middle,’ Jenkins’ guidance helps you thrive and maintain momentum. Learn how some nonfiction books turn into phenomena, how to keep readers hooked till the end, the vital role of Theme in your book, and the secrets to an epic ending that leaves a lasting impression.

Bonus: The Query Letter and Proposal Package:

Once your manuscript is complete, learn to pitch it professionally to agents and publishers. Gain insider knowledge on what decision-makers seek, access to successful proposal templates, and an engaging seminar on creating winning queries and proposals. Understand the difference between query and cover letters, create compelling proposals, and pitch effectively.

Become an accomplished nonfiction writer with Jerry Jenkins – Nonfiction Blueprint and submit a manuscript that leaves you and your readers in awe.


 Nonfiction Blueprint