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Jimmy Kelley – Traffic Hospital


Traffic Hospital: Your Ultimate Guide to SEO Recovery and Prevention

Unlock a World of Advanced SEO Strategies and Techniques

Are you facing a sudden drop in website traffic? Are you concerned about the dreaded Google penalties? Traffic Hospital is your one-stop solution for understanding, fixing, and preventing SEO-related issues that plague your online presence.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Real-Time Google Penalty and Its Recovery

  • Watch a brand-new domain get penalized and learn how to recover it right before your eyes. This module demystifies the complex world of SEO penalties.

Module 2: Algorithmic vs. Manual Penalties – Identifying the Culprit

  • Learn to distinguish between Algorithmic, Manual, and “Something Else” penalties affecting your website. Accurate diagnosis is the first step toward effective treatment.

Module 3: Tackling Google Panda

  • Understand the signs of a Panda penalty and learn how to remedy it. This module includes live case studies of participant websites.

Module 4: Battling Google Penguin

  • Learn how Penguin differs from Panda and acquire actionable steps for recovery. Again, real-world participant websites will serve as case studies.

Module 5: Mastering Page Layout Algorithms

  • Learn what Google looks for in your page layouts and how you can make your website more algorithm-friendly.

Module 6: Staying Updated with Ongoing Algorithm Changes

  • This module prepares you for the future by updating you on the latest changes to Panda, Penguin, and other crucial Google algorithms.

Module 7: Reconsideration Requests Explained

  • Learn when and how to submit reconsideration requests, a crucial part of recovery.

Module 8: Defend Against Negative SEO

  • Equip yourself with the tools to protect against and recover from negative SEO, an increasingly prevalent issue in the digital world.

Module 9: The Art of Link Disavowal and Removal

  • Master the correct use of Google’s disavow tool and understand how to identify and remove harmful backlinks.

Module 10: Lesser-Known Penalties Unveiled

  • Become an expert by learning about less common Google penalties and how to handle them.

Why Enroll in Traffic Hospital?

  • Expert-Led Training

Learn directly from renowned experts Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell, who guide you through each step of the SEO recovery process.

  • Real-World Application

Apply your learnings in real-time, making the training more hands-on and effective.

  • Profitable Skill Set

With businesses willing to pay between $3,000 to $5,000 for these skills, this course promises a high ROI.

  • Holistic SEO Knowledge

Cover everything from diagnosing penalties to submitting reconsideration requests and disavowing harmful links.

  • Future-Proof Your Website

Learn prevention strategies to protect you from future algorithm updates and negative SEO.

  • Lifetime Access to Updates

Stay abreast of the latest SEO by gaining lifetime access to all course updates.

Embark on a transformative journey with Traffic Hospital and regain control over your website’s SEO fate. Say goodbye to penalties and hello to uninterrupted, high-quality traffic.