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Joe Troyer – Local Lead Gen Mastery



Local Lead Gen Mastery: Building, Ranking & Selling Profitable Lead Gen Sites

Are you ready to tap into a proven method to earn $10,000 per month and beyond while leveraging it to achieve six figures? Welcome to Local Lead Gen Mastery, your comprehensive guide to creating and monetizing lead generation sites. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a complete beginner, this course will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in the lucrative world of local lead generation.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Cherry Pickin’ Discover the art of niche selection to attract businesses eager to collaborate. Learn how to identify niches that align with your strengths and that have a demand for lead generation services.

Module 2: Show Me The Money Master the pricing strategies to maximize your income within your chosen niche. Learn how to set prices that reflect the value you’re providing while remaining competitive in the market.

Module 3: The Numbers Game Understand the importance of tracking and showcasing your results to your clients. Learn how to use data to prove the effectiveness of your lead gen sites and secure ongoing business.

Module 4: Site Blueprint Follow a step-by-step process to create lead gen sites that generate consistent income. You’ll learn the essential elements that make a site successful, from design to content creation.

Module 5: Client Catcher Gain insights into how to attract and secure clients effectively. Learn proven strategies to start earning money immediately and the importance of using contracts for a professional arrangement.

Module 6: Profit Squeezer Optimize your lead gen sites for maximum revenue. Explore techniques to extract 20%-40% more profit from each site, boosting your overall income potential.

Module 7: Rinse & Repeat Scale your success by replicating winning strategies across multiple projects. This module guides you on taking a profitable lead gen site and expanding it for even greater profits.

Over The Shoulder Execution Maps:

Week 1: Initial Setup & Launch

  • Set up auto backups and asset cloning
  • Launch your first lead gen site

Week 2: Finalizing Lead Gen Sites & Marketing Kickoff

  • Fine-tune your lead gen sites
  • Start your marketing campaign

Week 3: Boosting Your Marketing Efforts

  • Implement strategies to target low-hanging fruit
  • Drive momentum in your marketing campaign

Week 4: Link Building, Local Landing Pages & Competition Analysis

  • Dive into effective link-building techniques
  • Craft local landing pages and automate processes
  • Analyze your competition to stay ahead

Week 5: Developing a Scalable Sales Process

  • Construct a sales process that’s scalable
  • Build a marketing list and utilize swipe files
  • Address common objections and secure conversions


  • EXACT Contracts: Access the legal contracts used by the expert, valued at $3,000.

With Local Lead Gen Mastery, you’ll gain mastery over the lead generation process and become a competent SEO professional. Whether aiming to supplement your income or achieve significant financial milestones, this course blueprints your success. 

Enroll today and unlock the potential of local lead generation!