Jon Penberthy – Tube Ads Academy 2019


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Jon Penberthy –Tube Ads Academy 2019



Tube Ads Academy 2019: Master YouTube Advertising to Skyrocket Your ROI

Unlock the Secret to Driving High-Quality Leads at Unbeatable Costs

Ready to leverage YouTube, the platform most marketers ignore, to give your business a competitive edge? Welcome to Tube Ads Academy 2019. This course is a treasure trove of strategies that put your business on the map and fill your sales funnel for just pennies per lead.

What You’ll Gain from This Course

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Understand the untapped potential of a $4 billion advertising platform.

  • Sharp Focus: Leverage YouTube’s advanced targeting tools to find your perfect customers.

  • Efficient Budgeting: Know how to allocate funds efficiently, whether you’re starting small or big.

  • Actionable Insights: Translate high-intent viewership into high-value business leads.

  • A-to-Z Guidance: Learn the ropes through comprehensive yet easy-to-follow modules.

  • Lifetime Relevance: Access the course anytime to adapt new strategies to evolving market needs.

Course Breakdown

Introduction: The YouTube Goldmine

  • Uncover why YouTube offers an unparalleled advertising opportunity.

Audience Building: Precision and Reach

  • Master YouTube’s built-in tools for identifying and targeting your ideal customers.

Crafting Irresistible Video Ads

  • Guide to choosing the proper ad formats and scripting videos that sell.

Effective Budgeting and Bidding

  • Learn how to make the most of every dollar with strategic budget planning and intelligent bidding.

Optimizing for Conversions

  • Best practices for turning viewers into leads and customers.

Scaling Successfully

  • Implement our proven blueprint for testing, optimizing, and scaling your campaigns.

Staying Compliant and Effective

  • Navigate YouTube’s ad policies and uphold industry best practices.

Beyond YouTube: Multi-Channel Mastery

  • Integrate YouTube campaigns into a broader marketing strategy and stay ahead of future trends.

Tube Ads Academy 2019 is ideal for business owners and marketers looking to add a high-ROI channel to their marketing mix. Secure your spot today and start turning views into profits.