Justin Blackman – Write Like Anyone

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Justin Blackman – Write Like Anyone



Master Versatile Copywriting with Justin Blackman – Write Like Anyone

Embark on a transformative journey to master the art of versatile copywriting with Write Like Anyone by Justin Blackman, a unique course designed to empower you to capture and embody any client’s voice effortlessly. Over four comprehensive lessons, this course unveils the nuanced science of voice analysis, enabling you to produce brand-consistent copy that resonates deeply, regardless of the distinctiveness of your client’s style.

Course Essence: Mastering the Art of Voice

Justin Blackman, a renowned figure in the copywriting realm, has meticulously crafted Write Like Anyone to address a common challenge among writers: the ability to adapt to various writing styles without losing consistency or authenticity. This course enhances your adaptability as a writer and elevates your value, opening doors to collaborations with more prominent clients and bolder brands.

What You’ll Learn: A Deep Dive into Voice Mastery

The True Nature of Voice

Unravel what voice means in writing and why it’s often misunderstood. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for everything that follows. Understanding the true nature of voice is crucial for any writer aiming to produce authentic and engaging content.

Voice Analysis Process

Learn a systematic approach to measuring voice, equipping you to identify and mirror any style seamlessly. This process ensures that you can adapt your writing to match any client’s unique voice, enhancing the effectiveness of your copy.

The Nine Voice Types

Discover the spectrum of voice types and learn how to spotlight the right characteristics for each project. By mastering these voice types, you can tailor your writing to fit any brand or personality, making your work more versatile and impactful.

Positioning Your Voice Skill

Position your ability to adapt your writing voice as a unique skill, distinguishing you from the competition. This module helps you market yourself more effectively, showcasing your versatility and adaptability to potential clients.

Self-Discovery and Adaptation

Gain clarity on your writing voice and learn the art of subtly adjusting it to match your client’s style. This self-discovery process enhances your ability to write in multiple voices without losing your unique touch.

Confidence with Bigger Clients

Approach high-profile clients with newfound confidence, backed by a solid plan to stand out. This confidence stems from a deep understanding of voice adaptation and a systematic approach to voice analysis.

Effective Feedback

Master soliciting constructive feedback to ensure continuous improvement and client satisfaction. Learning how to effectively ask for and use feedback is crucial for honing your skills and maintaining high client satisfaction.

Elevating Copy with Voice Elements

Learn how to enhance your copy by amplifying the three critical elements of voice, avoiding caricature while maintaining authenticity. This ensures your writing is genuine and deeply resonates with the intended audience.

Practical Tools and Worksheets

Utilize useful tools and worksheets to measure and refine your copy, ensuring alignment with the client’s voice before submission. These practical resources help you apply the course teachings effectively and consistently.

Voice Confirmation

Develop strategies to ensure you’ve nailed the right voice before you start writing. This confirmation process helps prevent miscommunication and ensures that your work aligns perfectly with client expectations.

Bonus Insights and Expert Perspectives

Write Like Anyone is enriched with bonus content featuring industry experts:

Pitch With Power

Learn how to showcase your voice adaptation skills effectively during sales calls. This module helps you pitch your services more confidently and win more clients by demonstrating your unique abilities.

Insights from Abbey Woodcock

Gain insights into building a successful writing team and what key attributes are sought after. Abbey Woodcock shares valuable tips on team building and the essential qualities of great writers.

Angie Colee’s Brand Voice Maintenance

Understand the dynamics of writing for big-name clients and maintaining brand voice consistency. Angie Colee offers her expertise on keeping the brand voice consistent across various platforms and projects.

Daniel Throssell on Voice Differentiation

Explore the importance of voice in distinguishing yourself in the direct response world. Daniel Throssell discusses how a distinct voice can set you apart in the competitive world of direct response marketing.

Live Monthly Office Hours with Justin Blackman

This is an invaluable opportunity to engage in Ask Me Anything sessions, which address your unique challenges and questions about voice, client relations, and more. These live sessions provide direct access to Justin’s expertise and personalized guidance.

Ideal for Various Professionals

This course is ideal for freelance copywriters, content creators, marketing professionals, and anyone keen on mastering writing in multiple voices. It promises an improvement in your writing skills and a profound enhancement of your professional versatility and marketability.

Freelance Copywriters

Enhance your versatility and marketability by learning to write in any voice, attracting a wider range of clients and projects.

Content Creators

Develop the skills to create engaging and authentic content across different platforms and for various brands.

Marketing Professionals

Improve your ability to craft compelling copy that resonates with diverse audiences, boosting your effectiveness and value to employers or clients.

Enroll in Write Like Anyone Today

Embark on a journey to becoming a copywriter who confidently says, “I can write like anyone.” With Justin Blackman’s expert guidance and a community of like-minded professionals, you’re set to redefine the boundaries of your copywriting career.

Transform Your Writing Career

By mastering the art of voice adaptation, you open doors to new opportunities and higher-paying clients. Your ability to seamlessly match any client’s voice will set you apart in the competitive field of copywriting.

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Delivering copy that perfectly matches your client’s voice ensures higher satisfaction and stronger client relationships. This course equips you with the skills to exceed client expectations consistently.

Continuous Growth and Learning

With live monthly office hours and access to expert insights, you’ll continuously grow and refine your skills. Stay ahead of industry trends and maintain a competitive edge in your writing career.

Join a Supportive Community

Become part of a community of professionals dedicated to mastering the art of copywriting. Share experiences, gain insights, and build valuable connections that support your professional growth.

Achieve Mastery in Copywriting

Enrolling in Write Like Anyone is an investment in your future as a master copywriter. The comprehensive curriculum, practical tools, and expert guidance provide everything you need to succeed.


Justin Blackman – Write Like Anyone is a transformative course that equips you with the skills to write in any voice, enhancing your versatility and marketability as a copywriter. By mastering the nuances of voice adaptation, you can confidently approach any client and deliver copy that resonates deeply with their audience.

Start Your Journey Today

Enrol in Write Like Anyone today and take the first step towards becoming a versatile, high-demand copywriter. With Justin Blackman’s expert guidance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic world of copywriting. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your writing career and achieve new levels of success.