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Introducing the KASH-FX Journal, a cutting-edge trading course designed to transform the way you trade

This robust course comes jam-packed with actionable strategies and provides a comprehensive view of trading EUR/USD & US30, ideal for traders looking to refine their skills in the London & New York trading sessions.


Course Modules:

  • Detailed Chart Strategies 

Learn through annotated charts that encapsulate the whole strategy for both EUR/USD & US30, providing you

 a holistic understanding of effective trading practices.

  • Two Months of Back-Testing Data 

Sharpen your trading instincts with two months of recent data, excellent for back-testing and training your eyes to spot promising trades.

  • Reverse Engineering:

 Learn to deconstruct trading strategies right from the chart markups, enhancing your grasp on intricate concepts like Structure, Ranges, and Order Flow.

  • Full Top-Down Analysis 

Grasp the concept of trading from the higher timeframe (HTF) down to the lower timeframe (LTF) with in-depth explanations that make intricate strategies easy to understand.

  • Wins, Losses, and Break-Even (BE) 

Each entry—be it a win, loss, or break-even—is meticulously detailed, equipping you with the wisdom to make intelligent trading choices.

  • Bonus: Chart Colors & Settings 

Get a head start with pre-optimized chart colours and settings to help you monitor trends, patterns, and changes in a visually appealing manner.


Benefits for Students:

  • In-Depth Understanding

Develop a nuanced understanding of complex trading concepts through the carefully curated chart markups that serve as an excellent learning tool.

  • Versatility

Learn to trade in both the London and New York sessions, thereby making your skills versatile and marketable.

  • Practical Learning

With real-life data and practical examples, the KASH-FX Journal offers a hands-on approach to learning. This systematic approach makes the course particularly effective for both beginners and seasoned traders.

  • Lifetime Access

Once enrolled, enjoy lifetime access to the course material, ensuring that you can revisit, revise, and refresh your knowledge at any time.

  • Bonus Material

Benefit from bonus material such as chart colours and settings, which add an extra layer of convenience and utility to your learning experience.

  • Risk Management

Learn to identify and mitigate risks effectively through LQ Inducement LIT, LOFR, and S/D & Entry Models.

  • Time Efficiency

By providing both daily and down-to-the-second analyses, you learn how to execute trades in a timely and efficient manner, making the most of every trading opportunity.

  • Realistic Expectations

With the showcasing of all entries—including wins, losses, and break-even cases—you will set realistic expectations and trading goals, which is crucial for long-term success.

  • Quality Support

Gain access to a team of professionals who are always ready to provide technical and educational support, ensuring your trading journey is smooth and rewarding.


Enrol in the KASH-FX Journal today to delve deep into the world of trading and equip yourself with the skills needed for long-term success. 

With lifetime access, bonus material, and a curriculum covering everything from basic to advanced topics, this is the ultimate course for traders aiming for excellence.