Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 7 2023 (February)

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Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 7 2023 (February)


Billion Dollar Seller Summit 7 2023



Introducing the Kevin King – Billion Dollar Seller Summit 7 2023 (February)—a groundbreaking virtual summit that offers you exclusive access to invaluable insights and strategies from some of the most successful Amazon sellers in the world. In this course, you will hear from A-list speakers covering various topics designed to help you skyrocket your Amazon business.

The Billion Dollar Seller Summit 7 2023 is an essential course for any serious Amazon seller looking to scale their business and achieve unparalleled growth. 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what you will get from this course:

Get Unlimited Reviews for a New Product: Learn how to acquire unlimited reviews for your new products without relying on external tools or services. Discover the optimal variations to launch and save money on every unit you sell.

Top-Secret Formula for Explosive 100% Yearly Growth: Unlock the 2023 social media strategy that propelled one speaker to $150 million in revenue. Master list building and secure your desired #1 Amazon ranking in record time.

How to Smoke All Black Hat Sellers: Keep and improve your margins while fighting off Amazon black hat sellers. Learn from those who have made over $100 million annually by wearing the white hat.

30 Hacks for Kool Kids: Learn insanely effective strategies like controlling which videos appear in the Amazon search engine results, exposing unanswered questions on your listing, and more.

Ignite Your Amazon PPC with Chat GPT-3 and Google Sheets: Discover 10 groundbreaking Amazon advertising tactics that leverage AI and Google Sheets, making PPC management a breeze.

How to Get Rich on Amazon Without Getting Lucky: Understand the secret to playing long-term games with long-term people, and replicate the success of those who have made over $100 million on Amazon.

Gongfu Amazon – Chapter 1: Kill Bill: Gain jaw-dropping insights from an Amazon Big Seller Committee seller that will leave you amazed.

Build a Profit-Pumping Email List from A to Z in Under 30 Minutes: Revive the power of email marketing with expert tips and a full year of writing ideas.

Unleash the Full Potential of Success with Google and Amazon Ads: Learn the dos and don’ts of running Google-Amazon ads and capitalize on the fact that 25% of all Amazon sales begin on Google.

Only 1% of sellers use this secret PPC strategy: Join the elite 1% who have tapped into the power of Amazon’s PPC structure and generated billions of dollars in sales.

Halt Negative Ratings and Reviews Before They Begin: Employ post-purchase psychological warfare to prevent negative ratings/reviews using the 7-figure flywheel fixer sequence.

Leave your competitors in the dust using artificial intelligence: Harness AI to develop new ideas, designs, and mockups that will set you apart from the competition.

Save a Fortune on SPD and LTL Shipments: Learn how to eliminate expensive 3PL costs in the United States and stop paying exorbitant rates for SPD or LTL shipments.

Uncover Hidden Internal Notes and Flags on Your Listing: Use a top-secret method to find hidden internal notes and flags on your listing (and your competitors’) and fix them before they hurt your rank.

Boost click-through Rates on your listing by 300% or More: Discover the secrets to increasing your click-through rate by 300% or more.

Solve High TACOS Issues with Unmatched Precision: Master the art of diagnosing and resolving high TACOS issues with unrivaled precision.

Seven-Figure Exit Case Study: Learn from one speaker’s experience exiting their Amazon FBA business for seven figures. Hear about what they