Matt Bockenstette – Cross Promo Mastery

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Matt Bockenstette – Cross Promo Mastery




Cross Promo Mastery: Unlock the Ultimate List-Building Strategy to Skyrocket Your Brand


Welcome to Cross Promo Mastery, the micro-course designed to take your brand, email list, and authority to unparalleled heights! This program is a goldmine of proven strategies to master cross-promotions that yield significant results.

Whether you’re a novice with minimal experience or a seasoned marketer, this course will equip you with everything you need to facilitate and execute highly successful cross-promotions.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction and Top Benefits

  • Why Cross-Promotion?: Discover the inception story of this course and understand why cross-promotion is the ultimate tool for growth.


  • 7 Key Benefits: Uncover the top 7 advantages of effective cross-promotion strategies for yourself, your brand, and your email list.


Module 2: Tactical Strategies and Execution

  • Cold Email Formula: Master the art of initial communication with prospective partners, starting with an unbeatable cold email approach.


  • Crafting and Execution: A step-by-step guide on creating and implementing successful cross-promotions that yield the best ROI.


Module 3: 6-Part Bonus Bundle

  • Email Templates and Stats: Get the exact emails and performance stats to kickstart your campaigns.


  • Efficiency Tools: A video breakdown of must-have tools for managing your cross-promotions.


  • Expert Insights: Exclusive interviews with industry experts, including Kim Krause-Schwalm and Adil Amarsi, delve deep into advanced cross-promotion strategies.


What You’ll Achieve:

  • List Growth: Learn the same strategy to grow an email list from ~1,500 to ~7,000 engaged subscribers in mere months.


  • Reputation and Authority: Build your brand’s reputation and elevate its authority in the industry.


  • Revenue Increase: Maximize profits through effective cross-promotional campaigns.


  • Networking: Forge meaningful connections with top-notch professionals in your industry.


Unique Features:

1 .Line-by-line Cold Email Breakdown: Understand the anatomy of a perfect cold email, complete with templates and real examples.


2. 4-FT Method: Execute a smooth and effective cross-promotion campaign using our 5-stage 4FT method.


3 .Bonus Types: Learn the three kinds of bonuses that are non-negotiable for maximizing subscriber engagement.


4 .Top 5 Strategies: Incentivize your campaigns using proven successful strategies even with industry giants.


5 .Clear and Effective Follow-ups: Access templates for follow-up emails, ensuring partnership clarity and success.


By the End of Cross Promo Mastery

You’ll walk away with unparalleled tactical know-how for executing impactful cross-promotions. Create lasting relationships with some of the most influential professionals in your industry, and let them introduce your brand to their extensive digital families.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Enroll in Cross Promo Mastery today and begin your journey to greater success!