Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy!

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Michael Oliver – How to Sell The Way People Buy!


Embark on a transformative journey into the art of sales with Michael Oliver’s How to Sell The Way People Buy!, a comprehensive course that offers a fresh perspective on the dynamics of selling in harmony with the innate buying instincts of customers. Far from being just another entry in the crowded field of sales training, this course presents an all-encompassing guide designed to refine your sales approach, aligning it more closely with how customers naturally want to buy.

Course Essence:

Michael Oliver, leveraging his extensive experience in the competitive sales landscape, introduces a course that is not merely instructional but profoundly transformative. It challenges conventional sales tactics, advocating for a method that emphasizes understanding and aligning with the customer’s inherent buying processes.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction & Welcome: Set the stage with an overview of the course’s core philosophy, preparing you for the transformative approach that lies ahead.
  • The Sales Paradox: Uncover the truth behind the common aversion to being sold to and learn strategies to navigate this challenge effectively.
  • 7 Success Tips: Equip yourself with foundational tips crucial for embarking on your successful sales journey.

Curriculum Overview

Lesson 1: 9 Essential Basic Sales Skills

  • Grasp the fundamental sales skills that form the foundation of any effective sales strategy.
  • Understand the primary objectives guiding every sales conversation.
  • Learn techniques for identifying the problems facing your potential clients and gauging their desire and commitment to solve these issues.

Lesson 2: Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework

  • Dive into the heart of the course with the Natural Selling Conversational Dialogue Framework, designed to foster genuine customer-focused conversations.
  • Learn strategies for addressing concerns at the outset and shifting the focus from the product to understanding the customer’s needs and desires.

Lesson 3: The Connecting Stage

  • Master the art of initiating dialogues with 10 tension-free methods that leave lasting impressions from the very first interaction.
  • Develop a Value Impact Statement that succinctly showcases your value proposition to potential clients.

Lesson 4 & 5: The Discovering Stage

  • Adopt a fluid approach to sales, recognizing that while the journey may vary, the strategic approach remains consistent.
  • Enhance your questioning techniques to better uncover the deepest needs and desires of your prospects.

Beyond Just Sales: A Philosophy of Understanding

How to Sell The Way People Buy! stands out as more than a course; it’s a new philosophy in sales. It eschews aggressive, pitch-focused tactics in favor of a genuine, value-driven conversation model that respects the customer’s buying process. This approach not only promises to revolutionize how you sell but also significantly enhances customer relations, leading to more successful and satisfying transactions.

Enroll Today: Transform Your Sales Journey

Michael Oliver’s How to Sell The Way People Buy! is your opportunity to redefine your sales approach, transitioning from traditional methods to a strategy that prioritizes genuine connection and understanding. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional seeking to refine your approach or a newcomer eager to learn how to sell effectively, this course is tailored for you.

Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your sales technique, embracing a method that aligns more closely with how people naturally want to buy. Enroll today and begin your journey towards sales excellence with Michael Oliver’s expert guidance.