Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller

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Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller



Brand Voice Baller Course Description: Elevate Your Copywriting with Powerful Brand Voices

Course Overview: Welcome to Brand Voice Baller, the ultimate training program 

to help you master the art of infusing personality into your copy and nailing brand voices. Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or just starting, these seven bite-sized training videos will equip you with a simple process and exercises to write copy that feels human and resonates with your clients and their audiences. 

Get ready to unleash your creative potential and become a Brand Voice Baller!

Course Modules:

Module 1: Developing Your Brand Voice Foundation

  • Discover the importance of brand voice in copywriting.
  • Uncover exercises to add personality to your copy and make it more human.
  • Learn how to write copy that aligns with your client’s brand voice.

Module 2: Over-the-Shoulder Walkthrough Videos

  • Gain insights into real-life examples of how to infuse personality into copy.
  • Observe over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos of the instructor in action.

Module 3: Mastering Client Interviews and Surveys

  • Learn coveted interview and survey questions to extract your client’s authentic voice.
  • Understand how to ask the right questions and find their unique brand identity.

Module 4: Real-Life Brand Voice Guide

  • Acquire a comprehensive brand voice guide showcasing what it should look like.
  • Get a plug-and-play voice template to streamline your branding process.

Module 5: Step-by-Step Workbooks

  • Utilize workbooks packed with exercises, prompts, and tools to enhance your copywriting skills.
  • Enhance your understanding and application of brand voice principles.

BONUS: Unlock Your Story Vault

  • Discover a bonus training and workbook that helps you extract your best stories strategically.
  • Utilize The Grandparent Test to ask relevant questions and uncover compelling narratives.

Benefits for Students:

1 Purposeful Language Usage: Learn how to choose language deliberately to strengthen your copy’s impact and eliminate thesaurus dependency.

2 Efficient Brand Voice Guide Creation: Utilize a framework to efficiently create client-specific brand voice guides, showcasing your copywriting prowess.

3 Strategic Messaging Approach: Uncover a repeatable system to find the right messaging for each project, differentiating clients from competitors and making them unforgettable to their audience.

4 Empathetic Resonance: Master the art of choosing language that resonates with your client and their audience, going beyond surface-level phrases.

5 Scientific Voice Measurement: Utilize a cheat sheet for precise voice measurement, eliminating guesswork from your copywriting process.

Elevate your copywriting game with Brand Voice Baller. Gain the expertise to create powerful brand voices, captivate audiences, and attract clients. Enroll now to unleash your creativity and become a master Brand Voice Baller!