Oil Trading Academy – Code 6 + 7 Course

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Oil Trading Academy – Code 6 + 7 Course


Unlock Exceptional Trading Strategies with the Code 6 + 7 Course

Unearth the Future of Trading with Code 6 + 7

The trading world is dynamic, fast-paced, and offers countless opportunities. But seizing these opportunities requires knowledge, precision, and the right strategies. Enter the Code 6 + 7 Course – a powerful duo tailored to empower traders with the insights and techniques they need to optimize their trading experience, especially within the Dow Futures (YM).


Code 6: Mastering Morning Momentum

Course Insights:

  • Dow Futures Focused: Designed exclusively for Dow Futures, Code 6 equips traders with a profitable approach that capitalizes on early market moves.
  • Optimal Timing: Strategically curated to recommend trades around 5:30 AM New York time, offering an edge to traders globally.
  • In-Depth Training: Gain access to an engaging video course offering step-by-step instructions on mastering Code 6, simplifying the intricate trading nuances.
  • Consistent Gains: Once adept, envisage daily gains ranging from +40 to +100 ticks, making it a trader’s favourite for consistent returns.
  • Efficient Stops: Among its peers (Codes 4, 5, and 7), Code 6 boasts the most minor stop losses, maximizing profit potential.


Code 7: Elevate Your Daily Trading

Course Highlights:

  • Trade Daily, Profit Daily: Code 7 is your ticket to remarkable daily trades, with the potential to achieve +120 ticks daily on the Dow Futures.
  • Synergy with Other Codes: Combine with Code 5 to envisage trades from +400 to +600 ticks. Leverage it with Code 4 to improve entry points and escalate profits substantially.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Dive into a detailed video course, elucidating the intricacies of Code 7, making the complex trading world feel intuitive.
  • High Yield Potential: Once proficient, envision consistent gains from +120 to +220 ticks on the Dow Futures, ensuring traders thrive in the market.


Unparalleled Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Whether you’re an early bird catching the market’s worm with Code 6 or thriving in daily trading with Code 7, these strategies suit varied trading rhythms.
  • High Success Ratios: With success ratios of 85% at +40 ticks for Code 6 and 80% at +120 ticks for Code 7, these codes promise a robust trading approach.
  • Online Accessibility: Dive into the world of trading anytime, anywhere. With online course access, your learning journey is seamless and flexible.
  • Clarity in Strategy: With explicit stop and exit points, both codes provide traders with clear guidelines, reducing ambiguity in the trading process.
  • Continuous Learning: With regular updates and evolving strategies, traders stay up-to-date with market dynamics, ensuring their plans remain relevant.


Both novice and seasoned traders seeking to elevate their game in the Dow Futures landscape will find the Code 6 + 7 Course indispensable. With meticulous strategies, in-depth training, and unparalleled results, this course is a beacon for those eager to transform their trading narrative.

Take advantage of the opportunity to redefine your trading journey. Enroll in the Code 6 + 7 Course today and steer your path to unparalleled trading success.