Rachel Pedersen – Youtube Academy

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Rachel Pedersen – Youtube Academy



Introducing the YouTube Academy: Unleash Your Video Success!

Are you ready to transform your YouTube channel into a powerhouse of engaging content that attracts your ideal audience and generates leads on autopilot? Look no further!

 The YouTube Academy is here to equip you with powerful workflows, expert strategies, and proven frameworks to take your video creation and marketing skills to the next level. Get ready to skyrocket your channel’s growth, increase views, and drive conversions like never before!

Course Modules:

  1. YouTube Filming and Editing A-Z: In this module, you’ll discover powerful workflows that have been fine-tuned to perfection, allowing you to create high-quality YouTube videos in a fraction of the time. From filming tips and techniques to seamless video editing, you’ll gain the skills to produce professional-looking content that captivates your audience.
  2. YouTube Market Research Accelerator: Researching the right topics and keywords is crucial for attracting your ideal audience. This module will teach you exact frameworks and processes to identify trending topics, understand audience interests, and tailor your videos for maximum impact.
  3. Channel Tag Secrets: Uncover the secrets behind successful channel and video tags/keywords. Learn how to leverage these tags effectively, ensuring your videos reach the right people and gain the visibility they deserve.
  4. The Perfect YouTube Marketing to Sales Blueprint: Crafting a winning YouTube marketing strategy is the key to long-term success. This module equips you with everything you need to create a comprehensive plan to maximize your channel’s potential and increase your chances of success.
  5. 52 Plug and Play YouTube Video Titles: Say goodbye to writer’s block! With this module, you’ll access 52 researched and optimized video titles that will support your videos’ performance right from day one.
  6. Juicy, Top-Performing Swipe Files: Save time and effort by using expertly crafted swipe files for YouTube end cards, thumbnails, and more. By modeling success, you’ll efficiently enhance your videos’ impact and attract more views.
  7. Hiring YouTube Video Editor SOP, Guide, and Training: Discover the complete process to find, train, and empower talented video editors for a fraction of the cost. No more overspending on editing – this module shows you how to create top-quality videos without breaking the bank.
  8. Hook ‘Em In Boost your reach and views instantly with expertly crafted hooks that capture your audience’s attention. You’ll learn to keep viewers hooked throughout your videos, increasing watch time and engagement.
  9. The Perfect YouTube Video Structure: Eliminate guesswork and follow a proven framework to build, like, and trust your audience in each video. This structure will turn your viewers into loyal subscribers and customers.
  10. My Lead Generating YouTube Bio Template: Generate thousands of leads with the exact bio template used by successful YouTubers. Learn how to attract leads that are most likely to convert into valuable customers.
  11. Advanced Marketing Hacks: Take your content creation to the next level with tested and proven strategies that attract eyeballs, leads, and sales. Unleash the power of advanced marketing techniques to propel your channel’s growth.


  • 2023 YouTube Monetization Jumpstart Plan
  • 9 Plug and Play Scripts for YouTube Shorts That Generate Views and Leads
  • The 611,000 Subscriber Script
  • Step-By-Step Framework For Getting Juicy YouTube Sponsorships
  • Views Into Leads on Auto-pilot

Join the YouTube Academy today and embark on a transformative journey to YouTube success. 

With expert guidance, proven strategies, and powerful tools, you’ll become a YouTube sensation and achieve your video marketing goals like never before. 

Enroll now and unlock your channel’s true potential.