Robert Allen – How To Become an AI Engineer

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Robert Allen – How To Become an AI Engineer



How To Become an AI Prompt Engineer: Unlock the Power of AI for Your Copywriting

In this comprehensive 130+ page crash course, discover the emerging role of an AI Prompt Engineer and harness the potential of ChatGPT for unparalleled copywriting success.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Real-World Use Cases: Learn the most potent prompts for research, crafting post-purchase and launch emails, and more. Elevate your copy to the top 5% of e-commerce emails.
  • Scale Your Agency to New Heights: If you’re a copywriter running a one-person agency, this “hack” will save you time without compromising the quality of your copy.
  • Nail Your Clients’ Voice: Master the trick to instantly replicate your clients’ style, impressing them with your sample works.
  • Create AI Content Like a Pro: Make every piece of AI content sound human with a simple yet effective prompting secret.

Course Modules:

  1. New Product Launches
  2. “Last Chance” Emails
  3. Cart Abandon Emails
  4. Cross-Sell Emails
  5. Post-Purchase “Thank Yous”
  6. Welcome New Subscribers to Your List
  7. VSL Leads
  8. Customer Research
  9. 9 Best Follow-Up Prompts
  10. Create Your Prompts

Who Is This Course For?

  • Worried about the rise of AI? Put your fears to rest and embrace the opportunities it presents.
  • Newer copywriters seek an advantage to speed up work while honing their skills.
  • Established copywriters want more income while maintaining quality and increasing their workload.
  • Content creators working on personal brands or launching new products seek to produce consistent content faster.
  • Agency owners want to train their teams to work more efficiently with AI.
  • Time-strapped individuals are eager to stay at the forefront of this developing technology and earn thousands of dollars monthly.

Bonus Content:

  • Behind-The-Scenes of a $22,025 AI Product Launch: Witness the exact prompts used in this book’s promotion, editing insights, and launch performance statistics.
  • “$4k Ecom Clients” Masterclass: Learn the art of setting up $4,000 monthly ecommerce client contracts without facing price pushback. Explore deliverables, execution times, maximizing ROI, churn reduction techniques, and more.

Embrace the Power of AI Today :

Don’t miss this opportunity to master AI Prompt Engineering and transform your copywriting journey. Enroll now to unleash the potential of AI and elevate your career to new heights.