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Ryan Lee – Momentum



Introducing: Momentum – Mastering Video Marketing and Building Your Thriving Brand

Are you ready to take your video marketing to new heights and stand out? Welcome to Momentum, the ultimate course that equips you with the skills to create compelling videos, build an engaging brand, and attract a massive audience. Get ready to transform your online presence and skyrocket your success!

Course Modules:

1 How to Stand Out with Your Videos, Brand, and Hooks: Discover the secrets to creating standout videos that captivate your audience, build your brand, and hook viewers from the beginning.

2 The “Secret” Tool to Research the Perfect Niche: Uncover the powerful tool that will guide you in identifying the ideal niche for your videos, ensuring maximum relevance and appeal. 

3 Setting Up Your Account the Right Way: Learn the essential steps to set up your video account effectively, optimizing your platform for visibility and growth.

4 Turning Your Videos into Automatic List-Builders: Convert viewers into loyal subscribers effortlessly as you master the art of turning videos into powerful list-building tools.

5 Creating the Ultimate Studio “On a Budget”: Build your video studio on a budget without compromising quality, ensuring a professional and polished production.

6 Crafting Great Video Hooks and Stories: Master the art of crafting compelling video hooks and stories that keep your audience engaged and hungry for more.

7 Your Ultimate Video Planning Guide: Get insights on when to upload, schedule, and optimize your videos for maximum impact and views.

8 Avoiding Big Mistakes Leading to Fewer Views: Learn the common pitfalls resulting from lower views and discover how to avoid them to maintain a thriving audience.

9 The #1 Thing YouTube Wants in Your Video: Unravel the key element YouTube prioritizes in videos and why most creators miss the mark.

10 Simple Video Editing Techniques: Edit your videos efficiently in just a few minutes, even with free editing software, saving time and effort.

11 Optimal Video Length for Maximum Impact: Discover the perfect video length, as revealed by a friend generating over $250K per month in passive income.

12 Ready to Rock After the First Week: Gain the confidence and skills to excel in video marketing within the first week of the course.

13 Doubling Your Video View Rate: Learn to significantly increase your video view rate by avoiding a common word that hampers engagement.

14 Kickass Video Titles and Thumbnails: Master the art of picking attention-grabbing titles and thumbnails that draw viewers in and boost click-through rates.

15 Being Great On Camera: Overcome shyness or nervousness and shine on camera with tips to deliver engaging content.

16 Saying Goodbye to “Cold Messaging”: Attract leads effortlessly without cold messaging, resulting in organic and free traffic.

Benefits for Students:

  • Expert Video Marketing Strategies: Learn from industry experts and gain in-depth knowledge of effective video marketing techniques.
  • Engaging Brand Building: Create a strong and engaging brand identity that resonates with your target audience.
  • Massive Audience Attraction: Discover the secrets to attracting a massive and loyal audience to boost your online presence.
  • Effortless Monetization: Monetize your videos effectively, even if you prefer to stay “faceless” behind the scenes.
  • Done-for-You Resources: Access over 30+ done-for-you video titles, hooks, and formulas proven to boost views.
  • Real-Time Feedback and Support: Receive instant feedback and support through Q&A sessions and hot seats to help you succeed.

Ready to harness the power of video marketing and propel your brand to new heights? Enroll in Momentum today and unleash your full potential!