Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course

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Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course


Ryan-Serhant-Mastering CODO-The Closing & Negotiations Course



Get ready to revolutionize your negotiation and closing skills with the Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course. This course is meticulously designed by renowned real estate broker and business mogul, Ryan Serhant, who will teach you to master the art of deal-making. 



Course Structure:

This course is broken down into three key parts:

Part 1: The CODO Method:

Embrace Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method, an unbeatable tool for winning in any negotiation scenario. This section will equip you with a solid understanding of various types, styles, and negotiation tactics. 

It will enable you to comprehend the key factors influencing any deal and design appropriate counter-strategies. Moreover, it aims to eliminate hesitancy, the number one deal killer, from your negotiation process.

Part 2: The Playbook:

Conquer your emotions and fear and turn them into your allies. You’ll discover the Funnel Technique, an essential tool for identifying the exact drivers that will persuade your client to say YES. Learn how to play all sides of the court and manage expectations using Ryan’s secret weapon.


This part also includes essential improvisation skills that will make you comfortable with discomfort, preparing you for any negotiation challenge.

Part 3: Putting It All Together:

The significance of body language in negotiation cannot be understated. Ryan and Myka Meier teach six strategic ways to display power through body language. You’ll also observe an actual negotiation in progress and watch how Ryan applies CODO strategies to find the perfect balance. Witness Ryan as he critiques SERGEANT. Agents providing real-time guidance through an actual negotiation.

Extra Features: The Closing & Negotiation Workbook:

A significant addition to this course is the Closing & Negotiation Workbook, your secret weapon in becoming a negotiation master. This workbook will reinforce the skills you acquire from the course, helping you to apply them practically and efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

The Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course is not just a tutorial; it’s a full-scale training program that dives deep into the psychology and dynamics of effective negotiations.

 You’ll learn from one of the best negotiators in the world, gaining skills that are applicable to real estate and any field that requires negotiation.

Equip yourself with the confidence and knowledge to tackle any negotiation head-on. Transcend common fears and hesitancies, maximize your potential, and propel your career forward.

 With Ryan Serhant’s course, you are not just learning to close a deal but mastering the art of creating opportunities.