Salma Sheriff – The Social Shells Signature

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Salma Sheriff – The Social Shells Signature

Salma Sheriff – The Social Shells Signature



Discover the secrets of social media management success with Salma Sheriff’s The Social Shells Signature course.

 This comprehensive program is designed to guide you through every aspect of building and managing a thriving social media management business

With over 9 modules and multiple bonus sections, you’ll learn everything from the basics of getting started to advanced growth and client acquisition strategies.

In The Social Shells Signature course, you’ll dive into:

Module 1: Starting out – Learn how to set up your freelance business as a social media manager and master the essential tools and systems required for success.

Module 2: Social Media Manager – Develop your niche, create a portfolio, and establish effective workflows to seamlessly onboard and work with clients.

Module 3: Instagram – Master the Instagram algorithm, branding, engagement, and content creation strategies for maximum impact and growth.

Module 4: Facebook Organic Marketing – Optimize Facebook pages, create engaging content, and leverage Facebook groups, shops, and podcasts for maximum reach.

Module 4a: Facebook Paid Marketing – Learn how to set up and manage effective Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and understand the impact of iOS14 changes.

Module 5: Twitter – Uncover growth hacks, Twitter spaces, and public relations strategies to maximize your clients’ presence on this powerful platform.

Module 6: Pinterest – Learn how to harness the power of Pinterest for website growth, content creation, and effective management.

Bonus Modules: Tailwind, TikTok, and Social Media Strategy – Enhance your skillset with expert insights on tailwind usage, creating TikTok content, and developing social media strategies for your clients.

Module 7: Packaging, Pricing, Invoices & Contracts – Discover how to price your services, create packages, set up contracts, and professionally invoice your clients.

Module 8: How to secure clients – Learn where and how to find clients, pitch your services, and market yourself effectively.

Module 9: Bonus – Expand your knowledge with bonus content on books, podcasts, meditation, LinkedIn, finance, branding, website development, sales, and more.

You can access invaluable bonus resources throughout the course, including templates, video training, tech tutorials, checklists, and workbooks. These resources will streamline your processes, help you stay organized, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

By enrolling in The Social Shells Signature course, you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of social media management and transforming your passion into a profitable business. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from industry expert Salma Sheriff and unlock social media success secrets. 

Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a sought-after social media manager!