Steve Luke – The Forex Trading Academy

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Steve Luke – The Forex Trading Academy Download

The Forex Trading Academy by Steve Luke Here is some background information for those unfamiliar with me. I’m a professional forex trader based in Nottingham. Trading began as a hobby for me, but after quickly amassing a bank of knowledge and experiencing great success in the market, I decided I wanted to help others do the same.

Learn about the course

Trading for Beginners (17 Videos)

You will find videos in the forex trading for beginners section that cover topics such as what a pip is, what a candle is, how to set up your charts, candlestick formations, how to enter a trade, the tools used by forex traders, forex fundamentals, and so on. The goal is for someone who has never traded before to be able to start from scratch and build an excellent foundation for their trading journey.

Intermediate Trading (21 Videos)

Once you’ve completed the beginner content, you’ll be ready to tackle the intermediate videos. We’ll pick up the pace here and look at some more difficult concepts and strategies that will prepare you for the advanced videos. We’ll look at institutional trading and find interesting points and reversals to help us make great trades. We’ll also go over how to read price action in detail, understand where it’s going, and why and how we can capitalize on those good moves and stay in sync with the market. The rest falls into place if you know where the price is going.

Advanced Trading (27 Videos)

These videos are meant for those who consider themselves confident forex traders and want to take their skills to the next level. Before moving on to this part, you should watch both the beginner and intermediate videos. We will be covering things like: precision/sniper entries, lower time frame entries, the 1-minute chart, what to look for when identifying lower time frame confirmations, as well as where and why to enter all lower time frames. The very finer details of the strategies are what when mastered, can set you apart from the rest!

The course has 65 videos in total but does not include the 2023 update (90 videos in total) that SalesPage is now offering.