Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth – Project Thunderbolt

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Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth – Project Thunderbolt


Project Thunderbolt: Your Blueprint to CPA Marketing Success

Unlock the power of CPA marketing and build a thriving business from scratch with Project Thunderbolt, brought to you by industry experts Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth. This comprehensive course provides step-by-step guidance on creating a successful CPA business, mastering the business model, and running effective ads campaigns.

Module 1: Unveiling the CPA Marketing Landscape

Dive into the world of CPA marketing and gain a deep understanding of the business model. Discover the 11 key metrics that drive success in the CPA realm. Navigate the CPA Network Max Bounty and explore offers, hot picks, and strategies for finding lucrative opportunities on platforms like Max Bounty, Offervault, and ClickBank.

Module 2: Setting Up for Success

Learn to swipe, improve, and deploy campaigns with precision. Set up your hosting and domain, establish your email address, and dive into WordPress installation. Leverage the power of the Instabuilder plugin to craft high-converting funnels. From pages to settings, explore the critical elements needed to kickstart your CPA journey.

Module 3: Mastering Microsoft Ads

Navigate the world of Microsoft Ads as you set up your account, verify your website, and grasp Microsoft Ads policies. Install the Microsoft UET Tag and explore conversion goals. Dive into keyword research, the SKAG strategy, ad copy secrets, and effective optimization techniques for a successful Microsoft Ads campaign.

Module 4: The Art of Email Marketing

Discover the numbers game behind successful email marketing campaigns. Explore open rates’ significance, scaling with multiple email accounts, seed list testing, and avoiding promotions and spam filters. Learn when and what to email, setting up segments, and crafting impactful broadcasts that engage and convert.

Module 5: Unlocking Optimization Secrets

Optimization is key to success, and this module is your guide. Delve into split testing landers, optimizing for devices and networks, refining locations and ads, and perfecting keyword strategies. Gain insights from real-life million-dollar case studies that showcase optimization’s power in action.

Module 6: Conquering Google Ads

Harness the potential of Google Ads with expert guidance. Understand Google Ads policies, set up your account, and get familiar with Google’s site tag and conversions. Leverage the Google Keyword Planner and create a powerful Google Ads campaign that yields impressive results.

Module 7: Mastering FunnelFlux

Unlock the power of third-party tracking and FunnelFlux. Learn to set up offers, landers, and opt-in pages for maximum impact. Dive into offer and traffic source setup, understand segments, and harness the power of the ISPionage Spy Tool to stay ahead of the competition.

Module 8: Advanced Strategies

Explore the Optimize To Convert Network, MLB strategy, and the Machine Gun Strategy for both Microsoft Ads and Google Ads. Harness the insights from these strategies to skyrocket your success.

Bonus Content and Instructor Insights

As a bonus, gain access to extra resources that further elevate your understanding and proficiency in CPA marketing. Plus, meet your instructors—Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. With their combined experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies to guide you on your journey.

Your Instructors – Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are renowned figures in the online marketing landscape. Drawing from their extensive experience, Aidan’s innovative brand promotion techniques and Steve’s prestigious business background, this dynamic duo offers you a blueprint for CPA marketing success.

Join Project Thunderbolt and Revolutionize Your CPA Marketing Journey

Elevate your skills, seize opportunities, and dominate the CPA marketing arena with Project Thunderbolt. This comprehensive course equips you with insider strategies, hands-on techniques, and the knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive world of CPA marketing. Enroll now and unlock your potential for unprecedented success.