Tim Denning – The Amazon Book Publishing Shortcut

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Tim Denning – The Amazon Book Publishing Shortcut




The Amazon Book Publishing Shortcut: Transform Your Writing Dreams into Profitable Reality

Embrace the digital age and delve into the world of Amazon Kindle self-publishing with “The Amazon Book Publishing Shortcut.” 

This comprehensive course takes you from understanding the lucrative world of self-publishing to mastering the strategies required to launch your very own bestseller.


Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to the Publishing Landscape: Learn why traditional publishing is no longer the only game in town and why Amazon stands out as the platform for modern authors. Dive deep into the potential earnings, debunking myths and setting clear expectations for budding authors.
  • Why Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing: Explore why books can be more profitable than other forms of writing. Understand the power of compound earnings and discover how you can craft an impactful book without years of toil.
  • Identifying Your Ideal Book: Navigate through Amazon’s categories, ensuring your book fits perfectly into a profitable niche. Leverage the Blueprint Template to validate your book idea’s viability and reader interest.
  • Crafting a Robust Outline: Uncover the significance of a solid book outline, explore various outline types, and avoid common pitfalls. Get hands-on with a free tool that makes outlining a breeze.
  • From Idea to Manuscript: Acquire actionable strategies to complete your book in a month or less.
  • Designing the Perfect Book Cover: Understand the do’s and don’ts of book cover creation and learn how to create an eye-catching cover irrespective of your budget.
  • Mastering Amazon’s Dashboards: Set yourself up for success with an in-depth understanding of Amazon’s dashboards. Seamlessly upload your book and price it right to maximize sales.
  • Crafting a Compelling Book Description: Learn the art of persuasive book descriptions, tailored for both nonfiction and fiction titles.
  • Optimizing for Amazon SEO: Simplify the complexities of Amazon SEO. Discover easy and free methods to identify keywords that boost your book’s visibility.
  • Harnessing the Power of Reviews: Delve into the significance of book reviews, acquiring genuine feedback, and ensuring your book stands out in the crowded marketplace.
  • Beyond the Book: Discover how your book can be a stepping stone to a fulfilling writing career and what steps you should take next.


Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Todd’s Comprehensive Outline Course: Deepen your understanding of book outlines, from generating captivating book ideas to using an outline effectively without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Unlocking the Power of Paperback: Understand the potential of physical book sales and get a live walkthrough on pricing choices and alternatives to Amazon.
  • Automate Your Income with Amazon + Facebook Ads: Grasp why Amazon advertisements are transformative for authors. Begin advertising without tedious keyword research and explore the realm of Facebook ads for authors.
  • Resourceful Templates and Blueprints: Kickstart your publishing journey with a pre-formatted document for Amazon Kindle and Print Versions and a unique Amazon Audit Dashboard blueprint.


“The Amazon Book Publishing Shortcut” is meticulously designed to be the one-stop solution for aspiring authors looking to navigate the world of self-publishing on Amazon. With structured lessons, actionable strategies, and exclusive bonus content, this course promises not only to inform but to transform. 

Make the decision today to sidestep the pitfalls of traditional publishing and turn your writing dreams into a profitable reality.