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Todd Brown – 17 for 1 SuperBundle



What You Get Todd Brown 17 for 1 Super Bundle:


“The $500 Million-Dollar Product Positioning Principle”

The “Paradoxical Switch”: The Difference Between Engineering An Average Product & One That
Scales To 7 or 8 Figures… And Beyond!


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The single most effective method for developing products and offers with “built-in success”… before you even launch them!
  • When developing a new marketing campaign, you must decide whether to start with the product or with the campaign hook. HINT: One prepares you for success, while the other hinders you.
  • REVEALED: Agora Financial’s most profitable campaigns began with THIS… and it’s the polar opposite of how most marketers think about product development!
  • Before creating a marketing funnel, a juggernaut Chief Marketing Officer asks specific questions about his market! “This is how we produce such big winners,” he says.
  • How to find hooks and marketing ideas that will entice your prospects to buy!
  • Using the Reverse Technique to create home run new products or services!
  • How to capture the attention of any market… no matter how crowded, tired, or overexposed… with the big money framework “Deep Digging”!
  • The Product-Offer-Idea Matrix’s Secret! And how to “chain them together” so your sales scale quickly and dramatically!
  • The counterintuitive Hook/Product strategy that results in increased sales conversions almost immediately!
  • Agora Financial’s game-changing offer and product creation method will forever change how you create marketing campaigns in the future! This can increase conversion rates and sales more than anything else you’ve ever tried!
  • …and much more!



“10 Marketing Secrets Of Marketplace Mavens”

How Ordinary Experts Use These Secrets to Create Celebrity Status… And Demand High Fees


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • How to engineer your positioning so you’re viewed (and treated) as a highly-respected Marketplace Maven! (This has nothing to do with content distribution.)
  • ​The marketplace position is even more valuable than “expert status”! You’ll discover how to engineer it… and reap massive financial rewards because of it!
  • ​The exact steps to engineering celebrity status in your marketplace! Do this… and sales will come easy and consistently for you.
  • ​How to get your prospects knowing, talking, and seeking after you so you have “pre-established influence” that allows you to convert more visitors into buyers and command higher prices!
  • ​The fastest way to become a household name in your marketplace… even if you’re unknown, unrecognized, or a total newbie!
  • ​The $0 Cost Solution makes your products substantially more valuable… so you can charge a lot more money for them… without having to add a single new feature or deliverable!
  • ​The 3 types of “maven stories” that give your prospects and customers more insight into who you are… so they think about you… and pay more attention to you than your competitors!
  • How to become the recognized go-to-authority in your market… without your competitors being able to do anything about it! Follow these steps… and you can quickly be your market’s next popular “guru”!
  • The two key qualities you need to identify in your market BEFORE you put your flag in the ground! Missing either of these and the wrong positioning could suppress your sales.
  • ​The slick and easy way to use “Self-Aggrandizement” to establish and control how your market thinks about you.
  • ​How to come up with and use “miracles” and “legends” to become an attractive character to your market they will remember, desire, and race to buy from!
  • ​How to engineer your “proprietary school of thought”… and how to communicate it to your prospects so they want to buy from you and not your competitors!
  • ​Break free of generic language and develop your “proprietary terminology” so customers immediately recognize your voice and don’t just feel they’re learning from you… they feel they’re part of a movement!
  • How to use “sticky idea stories” to engineer Power Positioning in a simple and memorable way that doesn’t feel icky or like self-promotion!
  • ​How to become a 3-dimensional character your market knows, likes, and trusts! PLUS: the right way to share personal details with your prospects… while still maintaining mystery and intrigue.
  • ​…and more!



“Flawless Fascinations”

Secrets To Crafting Irresistibly Seductive Bullets That Fascinate Your Prospects & Compel Them To Buy


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • AVOID BENEFIT LISTS! Do this instead — the secret to stimulating curiosity and intrigue in the mind of your prospect!
  • ​The most effective way to “seduce prospects” so they desperately want to hear more about your offer!
  • ​The right way to use “promise and curiosity” to create a relentless itch in your prospects which they can only scratch by buying from you!
  • The easy-to-follow process to interrogate your product so can mine the richest attention-grabbing nuggets to use in your marketing!
  • The 21 Fascination Formulas to turn ordinary copy bullets into fascinations that captivate and compel prospects to buy!
  • ​How to craft powerful “Warning Bullets” to pique attention in even the most jaded prospects so you make your product or service stand out as wildly different!
  • “Sneaky Bullet” Tactic: This gets your prospects to understand the most enticing benefits of your offer!
  • How to use the “Specific Question Bullet” to make your prospects feel your product and offer is exactly what they need!
  • ​The truth behind how big-money copywriters craft their bullets differently than average and ordinary marketers!
  • The Bullet Maneuver that keeps your prospects from mentally checking out when consuming your copy! You’ll have them hooked and on the edge of their seat!
  • ​How to create “Unexpected Juxtaposition” that fascinates your prospects by telling them things they DON’T want to hear! This stimulates a powerful buying urge within them almost immediately!
  • ​How to stop your prospects from bouncing or procrastinating on your offer by “stating the danger of delay”!
  • Drive more sales with the 4-Point Bullet Scoring System that shows you which bullets to cut (because they will bore prospects), and which bullets to highlight because they’ll drive prospects wild with intrigue!
  • ​The big mistake most copywriters make when ordering their bullets… and how to maximize your response rate by following the rule of “primacy and recency”
  • ​​…and more!



25 Golden Marketing Lessons Learned Over The Past Decade-Plus

The Most-Valuable Business-Growing Insights Most Entrepreneurs Can Use to Also Become Wealthy


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The profound lesson Rich Schefren shared with me at lunch about the difference between a promotion and a business… and how if your business lacks the ability to do THIS one thing, you don’t actually have a business!
  • WOW! The BIG secret Mark Ford shared with me about the real reason behind growing a $500M+ financial publishing empire! It has nothing to do with a big list, lots of traffic, or great copy!
  • WARNING: These TWO things are far, far more important than the body copy of the marketing message. If you think the reason you’re not generating enough sales is that you need to become a better copywriter, you’re DEAD WRONG!
  • To have a consistent and stable business: Should you focus on the front-end or back-end? Discover what the big dogs do!
  • The profound customer-generating lesson behind why this $23,000,000 legendary copywriter said: if you were on his copy team and wrote a front-end promotion that was profitable, you would get FIRED!
  • ​What you MUST understand about the relationship between your level of Acquisition Aggression and how fast you can grow your business!
  • Do you know the difference between content creation and marketing creation to the pro marketer? The answer is nothing. But do you know why?
  • ​Are you currently positioning your product or service as a repair or improvement? If so, this simple positioning shift will make it far easier for you to sell your product! Even at a higher price!
  • ​Are you keeping the “power of emergence” top of your mind when creating your campaigns? If not, you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to grab your market’s attention and keep them captivated
  • ​This one marketing move makes your product infinitely more valuable in the mind of your prospects! Do this… and you could charge 2-4X what you’re getting right now. Even more if you really wanted.
  • WARNING: If your product or service can be put into a box and compared to what your competitors are offering… you are in danger of becoming a low-priced commodity. Here’s how to make sure this never happens to you.
  • When you create your promotions whatever you do, do NOT think like a marketer or a salesperson, you need to pretend to be ___________ instead!
  • Why, if you are not using list segmentation properly, you are not just losing money, you’re burning out your email list and training them not to buy from you!
  • ​The right way to use R.F.M. scoring to drive backend growth and monitor the health of your customer list!
  • ​The difference between urgency and scarcity… and how to properly use them both to drive rabid response from your prospects!
  • ​​…and more!



8 Secret Sequences That Power All Of Our Marketing Campaigns

The Only Email Sequences You Need To Extract Maximum Sales Everyday! 


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • WARNING: If you think all it takes is an optin page, sales page, order form and an upsell to experience monster results, you’re in for a rude awakening. Find out why.
  • How to give prospects the feeling your emails are specifically for them and where they are at by using “buckets” in your initial segmentation sequence!
  • Using Behavioral-Triggered-Sequencing to drive your prospects through your campaign in a way that gets maximum consumption of your marketing message
  • Picking up additional leads onto your list and campaigns using “reverse optin pages”
  • ​The right way to use an Offer Intensification Sequence to drive up conversions is by specifically sweetening your offer based on your prospect’s hot buttons!
  • ​Leveraging the powerful emotion of FOMO in the Urgency Sequence to create a hockey-stick finish to all of your sales promotions
  • ​Generate MORE money with every single customer you get with the Transaction Maximization Sequence
  • ​The big mistake most marketers are making when it comes to pricing their upsells and why if you want to maximize your average order value you need to do this today
  • How to “pull” installment payments from the future into your bank account today and have your customers thank you for it
  • The “Transaction Ascension Sequence” allows you to continue collecting sales from your customers… even after your promotion is done and over!
  • WARNING: The sale is not over when you collect the money, you have to keep it. Do this Buyer Stick & Refund Reduction Sequence to lower your refunds and increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty!
  • ​​…and more!



The Contrarian Money Model For Rapid Customer Acquisition 

The Unique Mathematical Formula That Scales Your Business Fast!


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Did you know: The fastest-growing businesses are also the best at “buying customers”? It’s true. Discover the math you must know so you can buy customers without losing your shirt!
  • Understand exactly how much you can afford to pay to acquire new customers! This simple calculation has been worth millions to me.
  • The mathematical mistake that can get you tons of customers… but also leave you broke! You must avoid this at all costs. 
  • How to use marketing math to stop thinking like the average marketer and start thinking like a wealthy investor! All the top marketers operate with this mindset.
  • SCALING? Do you know if it’s best to focus on your sales conversion rate, cost of traffic, or average order value? Follow THIS simple rule to know which lever to pull every time!
  • How to run side-by-side scenarios of your CPA and AOV to identify your path to maximum profits!
  • DANGER!: Overlook this one simple thing in your scaling strategy and you can generate more customers (and even more profit), yet still burn tons of cash!
  • ​The odd and counterintuitive approach to maximize your profits by paying MORE to acquire new customers!
  • ​​…and more!



13 Common Habits of All 7-Figure Entrepreneurs I Know

Discover How A-Players Handle Their Schedule, Goals, Time Management, Finances, Fears, And More!


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The life-changing difference between learning for learning’s sake and learning to change your behavior!
  • How do the most successful people take action even if they don’t have a perfect understanding of a decision?
  • The MASSIVE mistake called “noun” without the “verb” keeps struggling entrepreneurs frustrated!
  • The most precious asset you have and how to guard it (it’s not what you think, but it is what the ultra-successful entrepreneurs value most)!
  • The 2-word lesson inscribed on a plaque that sits on this great leader’s desk during one of the most painful crises in American history (if you don’t learn this lesson today you will continue to be stuck where you are for years)!
  • The money-making difference between the “success consciousness” of winning and losing entrepreneurs!
  • ​How to prioritize motion and emotion in your life to kill procrastination dead in its tracks!
  • ​If you are missing THIS one thing on your entrepreneurial journey, when you hit obstacles or face adversity you will feel enormous pressure to give up!
  • ​The thinking shift that can turn the expenses and bi-products in your business into additional profits!
  • ​QUIZ! Do the highest performers focus on effort or outcomes? The answer is likely not what you think. Get this wrong and it can easily keep you trapped where you are right now.
  • ​How to solve the paradox of responsibility for your success… while also knowing that many things are completely out of your control!
  • ​The simple secret that will allow you to be an avid learner while staying free of information overload!
  • How to deal with friends and loved ones who don’t believe in you (this brutally honest answer may not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear)!
  • ​​…and more!



Conversion Hacking Live

The Ultimate Playbook For Multiplying Conversions At Every Step Of Your Funnel


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Hack your email autoresponder with “invisible text” to rocket your email open rate!
  • DOUBLE your email CTR with one line of paste-and-copy code!
  • Suck prospects in to watch your entire Video Sales Letter with the “VSL Ticker”!
  • Generate DOUBLE-DIGIT opt-ins from blog posts with a single PDF!
  • Bump your average cart value by 15% without adding a single new upsell!
  • DOUBLE your leads from partner promotions with “Teddy’s 1-Click Promo Link (totally by-pass the need for an opt-in page)!
  • Add an easy $17.40 to every sale with the newest type of Order Form Bump!
  • ​Slash your order form abandonment rate in half by adding just 5 tested & proven words! (I’m still baffled how effective this is.)
  • …and over 53 additional conversion hacks & tricks skyrocketing sales in all of our marketing funnels!
  • ​​…and more!



The Secret Technique To Mail Your List Offers Daily WITHOUT Pissing Them Off!

See More Sales With Every Promotion… And Watch Your Email List Become More Responsive Every Time!


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The ultra-simple “selection” process extracts more sales from your email list while keeping your database responsive to future offers!
  • ​How to use Internal Lead Generation to identify the prospects ready to buy now!
  • Why using “segmentation bait” is your greatest prevention against burning out your list?
  • ​The two-part timing sequence shows you when to mail an offer to your email list… and when to mail content.
  • HOT! ​How to strategically mail offers every day to your email list (if you want)… without them ever feeling like all you care about is making a sale!
  • ​​…and more!



Conversion Chunks

21 Bits of Sales Producing Content That Extend Any Funnel And Drive More Sales


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The most effective way to use “failure-to-success” stories to stir up your prospect’s buying emotions!
  • The power of your “ Unique Discovery Journey” that makes your product or solution more valuable AND more memorable
  • ​Sharing the “struggling vs. thriving” lesson to bring more procrastinating prospects across the finish line!
  • The most effective way to generate more sales is with educational material in your marketing. This is wildly different from what most marketers do.
  • ​The simple way to sell more while delivering value! It’s likely not what you think. And it’s certainly not about simply “giving more”!
  • ​How to create buying demand for your product by with one marketing tactic that makes all other options seem inferior to yours!
  • ​The conversion power of teaching your prospects what NOT to do! This should only be done in certain situations. You’ll learn which ones those are!
  • WARNING: If you think educating your prospects for the sake of education is a good idea, you’re likely killing your sales conversions! Discover the unique shift that turns your knowledge into a powerful sales-producing tool.
  • The one conversion chunk which proves to prospects why now is the perfect time for them to buy! This prevents prospects from procrastinating on your offer. 
  • ​How to turn boring FAQ’s into a conversion chunk that gives prospects a lot of reasons to say yes and buy today!
  • ​The key to disarming your prospect’s objections before they ever even think of them!
  • Discover the secret to “Reframing a lingering negative”… so you turn your prospect’s biggest concerns into the exact reason why they want to buy now!
  • ​​…and more!



The Ultimate Marketing Funnel Sneak Peek Package

Come Behind-The-Scenes And See Every Trick I Used To Engineer & Launch These Home Run Funnels


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • total dissection of big-money campaigns in a way you have never seen anywhere. Now, you’ll finally understand how big-money campaigns are really engineered!
  • You’ll see what I said when I said it, and why I said it… in three of my own funnels that generated over $2.2 million in sales and counting!
  • ​Gain deep insight into how to string together claims, benefits, and proof for maximum sales conversions!
  • Get a play-by-play of the unique competitive analysis I did on these campaigns to get inside the prospect’s head before I ever wrote a single word of copy
  • ​Finally, get a true understanding of the entire promotion process from every ad, opt-in page, anticipation email, sales conversion message, and follow-up to create a big money campaign!
  • Line-by-line breakdown of a promotion I did to sell a $10,000 ticket to an event with ONE sales letter in the mail (no sales team, no outbound, heck I didn’t even do a webinar or VSL this is so powerful)!
  • ​​…and much, MUCH more!



“Marketing Funnels Uncensored”

Get A Detailed Breakdown Of Every Piece of The Most Profitable, Highest Converting Marketing Funnels From Top-Earning Marketers


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • What type of squeeze page to use to generate the greatest number of qualified leads? What should the lead magnet be? And how should the lead magnet be positioned to prospects?
  • Should there be a one-time offer immediately after the opt-in? Should you bring leads to a sales page or thank you page?
  • What are the best front-end offers and products that will bring you the greatest number of new customers?
  • ​What’s the best price point to use for these offers?
  • What type of upsell and downsell should be offered? What price points should you use? And how should these offers be presented to customers?
  • ​Which steps in the funnel should be done with the video? Which should be done with a long-form copy? Which should be done with both?
  • Where, when and how should you be using things like direct mail, voice broadcast, text messages, and telephone sales? 
  • How and when should your premium high-profit offers be positioned and presented to customers? Which premium offers work best?
  • What should you be saying in your follow-up sequences? When should each step in your sequence be sent? How many steps in your follow-up should you have?
  • ​​…and more!


Advanced Metrics & Tracking Strategies of the Direct Response Marketing Pros (Part I)

How A-Player Marketers Use Marketing Metrics To Acquire Customers, Grow Lifetime Value, & Scale Fast!


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Aggressively scale your sales by finally understanding the critical dynamic between psychology, communication and arithmetic!
  • Why the most successful online marketers focus on their data through the lens of “asset acquisition investing”!
  • WARNING: If you think scaling your business is all about metrics, you’re way off the mark! The biggest DR marketers care little to nothing about most metrics; here’s what they focus on instead!
  • ​The money-making mindset shift from seeing customers as assets and thinking as an investor unlocks massive growth and scale
  • IGNORE! Which specific (popular) marketing metrics do you need to ignore? These will mislead you into losing profits.
  • You could have a sky-high optin rate AND a sky-high conversion rate and still be losing money every single day if you don’t understand THIS one mathematical rule!
  • The TRUTH about why you should almost never attempt to lower your acquisition costs.  Hint: It can CRIPPLE your ability to scale if done even slightly wrong.
  • STOP!: Why your opt-in rate, order form completion rate, and conversion rate are the wrong numbers to look at if you want to unlock scale in any funnel?
  • ​Instead of trying to decrease your ad costs, do THIS to increase the volume of customers you acquire every month at a profit!
  • The radical difference in customer acquisition when you have a “transactional mindset” vs properly understanding FE/BE dynamic!
  • The 3 levels of Customer Acquisition Aggression… and how to use them to know exactly how much you spend to get new customers every day!
  • ​The key to properly managing your back end using your customer value and RFM scores… so your business grows predictably and profitably!
  • ​​…and more!



Advanced Metrics & Tracking Strategies of the Direct Response Marketing Pros (Part 2)

How To Collect, Understand, And Use Your Marketing Metrics So You Make Profitable Decisions Every Time!


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The difference between “shallow” and “deep” funnel metrics”… and which one can lead to a lot more new customers!
  • ​How to use “deep funnel metrics” as your own personal surgeon’s tools to extract every last ounce of profit from your funnels!
  • The lesson of the “Taoist Farmer” — the truth about a “good” or “bad” sales conversion rate!
  • DANGEROUS! f you are calculating your ROI on a “0% Basis” this will mislead you into thinking you are losing when you may be making money. You’ll learn a much better, more accurate way!
  • This backdoor strategy you can use to profitably “bribe” promotional partners to help you scale your revenue super-fast!
  • How to maximize your traffic and ad spend by each traffic source… using “break-even calculations”!
  • ​Knowing how and when to invest big to scale your business and when to cut back on traffic! This is CRITICAL for long-term growth.
  • ​​…and more!



Advanced Prospect Bonding

Subtle Psychology & Tactics Master Marketers Use To Bond With Prospects & Remove Sales Resistance


Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • What exceptional marketers do to strategically engineer their communication so you get prospects to almost instantly know-like-and trust you!
  • The two trust beliefs you must get prospects to have for them to buy with confidence. Fail to establish either the right way… and your prospect’s skepticism will kill their desire to buy from you!
  • How to gain immediate likeability so prospects don’t view you as a marketer or sales person?
  • The advanced marketing hack that can move even the most jaded prospects to buy.
  • The “Advocacy Switch”: Flip it and you transform new prospects into raving fans ready to buy!
  • ​A weird trust-building hack that takes minutes… and drives prospects to see you a credible and respectable figure… and someone they can trust buying from!
  • ​The stealth “likability persuasion tactic” behind why I share stories with prospects — and you should too — like how I enjoyed playing Atari as a kid after school!
  • AVOID! The one marketing move which will damage your reputation with prospects and kill your opportunity to sell them anything!
  • ​The most powerful secret to engineering prospect rapport that has the same powerful impact as if you were selling and building rapport 1-on-1!
  • ​How to bond with  prospects on a deep level… by showing certain feelings and emotions in your marketing.
  • ​When and how to reveal your own weaknesses & frustrations (or even secrets) to build even greater trust with your followers!
  • ​How to trigger “heroic positioning” for your product! This makes prospects grateful for the opportunity to buy from you… and makes the sale so much easier!
  • ​The fastest way in marketing to show prospects you understand how they feel! Do this… and your trust-level shoots through the roof with prospects!
  • ​Stacking Negative Emotions —  the secret to stimulating a deep desire to buy within prospects!
  • ​​…and more!



Secret Email Persuasion and Conversion Triggers

See More Opens, Clicks, And Sales When You Deploy The Same 24 Email Persuasion Triggers Used By The Savviest Email Marketers


Email Persuasion Triggers Covered Include :

  • GH Weird Opener Trigger
  • ​Pluralized Verb Trigger
  • ​Teaching Parable Trigger
  • ​Manufactured Logic Trigger
  • ​FAB Formula Trigger
  • ​Faux Science Trigger
  • ​Identity Molding Trigger
  • ​Steering Choice Trigger
  • ​Experience Acknowledge Trigger
  • Embedded Question Trigger
  • ​Hooked Opener Trigger
  • ​False Evidence Trigger
  • Factual Claim Illusion Trigger
  • ​Agreement Bucket Trigger
  • Contrasting Comparison Trigger
  • ​Incongruent Subject Line Trigger
  • ​Nested Loop Trigger
  • ​Moving Metaphor Trigger
  • Truism Trigger
  • ​Framing Trigger
  • ​Proprietary Property Trigger
  • Innocuous Confession Trigger
  • ​Contradictory Similarity Trigger
  • Buried Instructor Trigger



Marketing Funnel Conversion Killers

22 Sales Conversion Killers That Suppress Sales In Most Funnels


PLUS: Inside, you’ll also discover conversion-boosting secrets such as…

  • How to use Functional Ramifications to create emotional desire in your prospects!
  • How to use Crystallization to transform your product from a want into a need!
  • ​The one element that makes your big marketing promise believable!
  • ​How to use the Power of Identification to drive prospects wild with envy for your product!
  • COPY ALIGNMENT: The secret to ensuring your marketing funnel message nails your prospect’s deepest emotions!
  • ​3 types of benefits you must share with prospects for every feature of your product or service!
  • Emotional State Leading: The psychological trick to getting prospects into a peak buying state!
  • ​The only marketing messaging structure that slips under prospects’ sales radar!
  • ​2 objectives the best Lead Magnets fulfill in every high-conversion marketing funnel!
  • Conveyance of Emotion: How to structure your marketing funnel message so prospects emotionally desire your product!
  • ​Why you need to understand the difference between Benefits and your marketing funnel’s Big Promise!
  • The Secret Power of Emotional Ramifications and how it drives prospects to buy your product today!
  • ​How to ensure your marketing funnel has a Solid Chain of Logic that proves your product is exactly what they want and need!
  • ​How to get prospects to accept your benefits and claims as facts!
  • GOOGLE SLAP TRIGGERS!: It’s found in 9 out of 10 marketing funnels and they KILL conversions!
  • ​The simple secret of PROPRIETARY PACKAGING that gets prospects to believe your product is the only viable solution to their problem!
  • ​How to present your product so prospects see it as the fulfillment of their greatest desire!
  • WEIRD! Why the product you’re offering is NOT the thing you need to sell if you want to get prospects to buy your product!
  • ​3 uncommon factors that transform ordinary free bonuses into sales generating add-ons!
  • ​Why scarcity is NOT the most powerful way of giving prospects a reason to buy your product today… and what the biggest direct response marketers do to eliminate prospect procrastination!
  • ​The most powerful way to keep prospects engaged through your entire marketing funnel sequence!
  • ​What to say to unresponsive prospects in your marketing funnel to get them reengaged and ready to buy!
  • The only time you should send prospects Email Broadcasts! Any other time will kill your marketing funnel conversions!
  • ​..and much much, more!