Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop

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Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop




A-Z Copywriting Workshop: Master the Art of Irresistible Marketing

Unveil the coveted secrets of Todd Brown’s copywriting prowess. Learn “super-advanced” skills to captivate, compel, and convert like a pro!

Course Overview:

Unlock the realm of world-class copywriting as Todd Brown reveals his arsenal of copy patterns and triggers. This exclusive workshop offers a rare opportunity to learn the same techniques that power Todd’s big-money marketing campaigns.

Course Modules:

1 .Perfect Marketing Hook: Craft compelling hooks that seize prospects’ attention and ignite their curiosity. Learn the “Categorical Criteria Checklist” for nailing emotional appeal.

2 .Belief-Inducing Claims: Make prospects believe every benefit claim through “Claim Reframing,” ensuring strong persuasion in your marketing.

3 .Creating Urgency: Master the art of “Payoff Stacking” to drive prospects to act immediately, transforming their desire into an urgent need.

4 .Credibility and Authority: Establish unquestionable credibility with “The Triple Proof Syntax,” even without testimonials or experience.

5 .Mechanism Frontloading: Position your product as unique and hot, sparking a frenzy of desire among prospects.

6 .Copy Sequencing: Ensure monster sales with well-structured and effective copy sequencing techniques.

7 .Stimulating Marketing Ideas: Equip yourself with the “PI Inversion Method” to stimulate a continuous flow of innovative marketing ideas.


Benefits for Students:

  • Unparalleled Copywriting Skills: Master world-class copywriting techniques that only a few marketers knew existed.
  • Compelling Marketing Hooks: Craft hooks that captivate and engage prospects, ensuring they crave to know more.
  • High-Converting Marketing Messages: Create powerful marketing messages that arouse buying desires and prompt action.
  • Innovative Positioning: Employ differentiated positioning to present your product as superior in a competitive market.
  • Emotional Persuasion: Convince prospects emotionally and logically to invest in your offer without being pushy.
  • Superior Copywriting: Outperform competitors with friggin’ powerful copy that makes their efforts look ridiculous.


Course in Detail:

Todd Brown reveals the “Soft Copy” secret behind high-converting campaigns throughout the workshop. You’ll learn to identify emotional appeals, deploy urgency triggers, and use stealth payoff questions for vivid product visualization.

Discover the most persuasive guarantees, essential prospect risks, and the keys to gripping marketing messages. Todd uncovers the “Alphabet Hack,” “Benefit Triad,” and other powerful techniques to make your copy sound smooth and compelling.

Learn the “Schizophrenic Hack” for smooth messaging and the “Spider Reconnaissance System” to uncover your copy needs. Plus, master speed hacks for quick and effective copy creation.

What You Get:

  • Complete Workshop Bundle: Access unedited video and audio recordings of the entire workshop.
  • Comprehensive Slides: Receive all workshop slides in various PDF handouts.

Unlock the level of copywriting know-how few entrepreneurs possess. Enroll in the A-Z Copywriting Workshop now and become a master of irresistible marketing!