Todd Herman – Alter Ego Effect Masterclass

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Todd Herman – Alter Ego Effect Masterclass



Unleash the power of your Alter Ego with the Alter Ego Effect™ Masterclass. Elevate every area of your life with 6 in-depth modules. Enroll now!

Module 1: Introduction to the Alter Ego Effect Method

  • Identify your goals and create a clear improvement plan.
  • Uncover the secrets behind the Alter Ego Effect and its effectiveness.
  • Explore the 4 layers of the Alter Ego Effect Model.

Module 2: Choose Your Field of Play & Name the Enemy

  • Select when and where to embody your Heroic Self.
  • Use the Target Mapping Technique to focus on your goals.
  • Identify Moments of Impact to activate your Heroic Self.
  • Discover the forces keeping you trapped in the Ordinary World.

Module 3: Create Your Extraordinary World & Identify Your Superpowers

  • Design your Extraordinary World and set a clear vision.
  • Determine what you’re fighting for and why it’s essential.
  • Identify your superpowers through the Alter Ego Effect Method Signature Process.
  • Name your Alter Ego for more profound significance and power.

Module 4: Build Your Alter Ego & Take It to the World

  • Bring your Alter Ego to life with immersion and observer techniques.
  • Develop your Alter Ego’s Origin Story grounded in a vital purpose.
  • Choose a Totem or Artifact as a physical reminder of your Alter Ego.
  • Craft an activation event to step into your Alter Ego when needed.

Module 5: Master Your Alter Ego & Supercharge It

  • Learn advanced techniques to refine and strengthen your Alter Ego.
  • Gain mastery over your Alter Ego’s abilities and mindset.
  • Explore ways to amplify the impact of your Alter Ego in your chosen Field of Play.

Module 6: Embrace Success Mindsets & Sustain Your Alter Ego

  • Apply the 6 Mindsets to Success to embody your Heroic Self consistently.
  • Develop strategies to maintain your Alter Ego’s power and presence.

Join the Alter Ego Effect™ Masterclass and unlock your true potential today!