Van Tharp – Core Long-Term Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns

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Van Tharp – Core Long-Term Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns


Core Long-Term Trading Systems Course: Unlock Market Outperformance and Consistent Absolute Returns

Trading requires a blend of strategic thinking, an understanding of markets, and the will to learn and evolve constantly. The Core Long-Term Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns course, taught by Dr. Ken Long and hosted at the renowned Van Tharp Institute, offers a transformative learning experience for traders seeking consistent long-term gains.


Course Overview

Dive deep into the live presentation of this two-day workshop, meticulously broken down into 15 interactive video lectures. The course spans nearly 7 hours, from foundational adult learning concepts crucial for effective knowledge absorption to Ken’s unique market-type classifications and long-term trading systems that have been time-tested for robust performance.

Adult Learning: The Gateway to Effective Trading

Why start with adult learning? A seasoned educator, Dr. Ken Long, believes that understanding the basics of adult learning can significantly boost the assimilation of the course content. He introduces a method rooted in expert research, urging learners to jot down observations, aiding in faster and deeper internalization of complex trading concepts.

Unraveling the Markets: A Unique Perspective

Ken presents a refreshing outlook on market analysis, emphasizing the importance of personal alignment with market perceptions. His distinctive market type classification provides valuable insights, standing apart from conventional methods like those by Dr Tharp, enabling traders to get a multi-dimensional understanding of market movements.

Harry Browne’s “Permanent Portfolio” and Beyond

The course delves into the genius of Harry Browne’s “Permanent Portfolio”, highlighting its minimalistic adjustment needs and long-term performance. Ken also showcases strategies to refine this approach, aspiring for superior returns.

The Ultimate Long-Term System

Ken dedicates a significant portion of the course to a long-term system known for its unparalleled performance. While it’s straightforward, the emphasis is on understanding its rationale. Ken offers a comprehensive view from his trading experience with this system, ensuring that traders grasp its essence and potential.

Hands-on Group Exercises

Believing firmly in the power of experiential learning, Ken incorporates two group exercises. Participants are tasked with devising strategies based on the taught systems, aiming to surpass market average returns. The results, consistently outdoing market averages, have been revelations for past attendees.


What’s Inside?

  • Dynamic Learning Through Video: Engage with almost 7 hours of video content, recorded live and segmented into digestible 30-minute lectures.
  • System Rules & Guidelines: Receive downloadable documents detailing rules for each of the six trading systems taught, comprehensive parts of the trading systems as outlined by Dr. Tharp, along with contextual information and possible rule variations.
  • Research & Supporting Material: Benefit from Ken’s exhaustive research documents, including his market type classification.
  • Seamless Learning Experience: Utilize a printable document to view slides during lectures concurrently without toggling between multiple files.
  • Revisit, Refresh, Reinforce: With a two-year subscription, revisit the lectures anytime, ensuring concepts are firmly cemented.


Exclusive Bonus Content

As an added perk, the course provides an excerpt from the Tharp Think Essentials eLearning course featuring Van Tharp. Dive into the critical realm of position sizing strategies, exploring how various objectives necessitate different approaches. Complete with objective and design examples, and this segment will illuminate these pivotal concepts, rounding off your learning experience.

In conclusion, the Core Long-Term Trading Systems course is a treasure trove for traders serious about market outperformance and consistent returns. Navigate the intricate trading world with Dr Ken Long and unlock a future of trading mastery.